Delivering the Perfect Round, personalised to golf fans at the Open 2019.

Enhancing the experience

Proud to partner on another project, Made to Engage partnered up with Discover Northern Ireland (DNI) to create the perfect experience for the 250,000 spectators expected to Northern Ireland for the Open 2019 - it’s called ‘The Perfect Round’.

The Perfect Round showcased at the Open 2019 as a 4K touchscreen with an accompanying app, enabling users to create a personal itinerary of their trip to Northern Ireland and send it directly to their smart device. The Perfect Round hosts a wealth of attractions and experiences for those visiting and empowers users to plan their journey in a format to suit the adventures they want to take.


Designing your adventure

To showcase to the incoming golf fans all that Northern Ireland has to offer, and to empower them to create their own adventure, the Perfect Round touch screen and accompanying app put a rich catalogue of tourism activities at their fingertips. The vibrant visual design and capability to build your own itinerary, from activities to accommodation, allows users to explore their perfect round trip of the country - fitting in the Open, of course.

Creating the opportunity for social engagement through easy sharing functionality, the Perfect Round means that encouraging friends and family to get involved and come to Northern Ireland is made easy, and has the added bonus of promoting the exceptional experiences the country has on its doorstep.


Quality delivered quickly

DNI and Made to Engage collaborated closely from concept through to design and launch, creating a seamless user experience which would delight thousands of golf enthusiasts at The Open. Throughout this project, the entirety of the golf fan's journey was considered to ensure it was tailored to their desires and met the requirements of DNI.

The work Made to Engage teamed up with Tourism Northern Ireland for the MIPIM event meant we had the experience to immerse our team quickly into this project with DNI, reducing the time-to-value without compromising the quality of what we delivered.

“Together, Made to Engage and DNI transformed the way golf fans experienced The Open with innovative touchscreen products while gathering learnings that will continue to drive business impact for years to come. To us, this demonstrates how Made to Engage and DNI can come together to quickly take a product to a successful launch.”

Powering the future

Making its debut at the 2019 Open, the kiosk touchscreen generated great buzz about the event which was attended by visitors from all over the world.

However, to ensure a perfect experience every time we must continuously optimise. The Open screen for the Perfect Round, and the app, are integrated with Episerver Insight - meaning the DNI and Made to Engage team have access to insightful user behaviour data, empowering both teams to deliver better user experiences with every interaction.

Learnings from this project will be used to power future projects between DNI and Made to Engage, who continue to collaborate with new product launches focused on discovery through interaction planned for 2020.

See something you like?

We've done a wide range of projects with Tourism NI and Discover NI alike; if you've seen or read something you'd like to discuss or have a project on the horizon our work speaks to - then we'd love to hear from you.