Radically transforming the way global property investors engage with Northern Ireland through Tourism NI’s new interactive map.

Rapid execution

In March 2019, Tourism Northern Ireland (TNI) approached Made to Engage to help them showcase Northern Ireland to global property investors at MIPIM, the world’s largest property event. Just 40 days later, we presented them with a compelling digital solution based on rich economic and cultural data and insights. Convinced of significant opportunity within a limited window, our team identified design innovations that would make a difference in ensuring TNI would get a return on their investment quickly.


Unifying experiences

Belfast’s fast-growing economy represents a unique opportunity for investment. TNI wanted to create an experience for high-income investors that would meet the rising expectations in this sector. With business opportunities dispersed across various council districts in Northern Ireland, Made to Engage identified a need to create a unified experience for all involved at the MIPIM event.


To address this need, we worked with TNI to develop a larger than life on-screen experience to showcase at MIPIM. This experience was also realised in tablet form to support the team at the event in their conversations. The screens displayed an interactive map of Northern Ireland, with a rich catalogue of investment opportunities across the country.


The Unveiling at Cannes

The new interactive product was unveiled at MIPIM 2019 in Cannes within 6 weeks, reaching over 27 thousand customers from across the world. This was achieved through a customer-centric approach and rapid prototyping which allowed us to deliver the product in a condensed time frame. This project enabled a 30% increase in time-to-value compared to previous MIPIM solutions.

“This project wasn’t just about wowing property investors at MIPIM with an innovative product. Through our strategy and vision, we enabled Tourism NI to reach investment targets much earlier and secure revenue for the country faster. Ultimately it’s about creating a better future for Northern Ireland.”

Doubling investments

The map was created to significantly influence key decision-making, and it is currently generating more than twice the expected investment for Northern Ireland in 2019. The product revolutionised the property market, spurring increased customer satisfaction and driving higher investment for Northern Ireland. It has provided a seamless experience for property developers worldwide and continues to play a significant role in the future of the country.

See something you like?

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