Project overview

When was the last time you walked into your bank and spoke to an advisor? Weeks, months, maybe even years ago? Although banking is one the world’s oldest institutions, technology has deeply impacted how banks operate and how customers use their services. Gone are the days of queueing in branches and having face to face appointments. Instead we do it all faster, easier and independently from our own devices. Permanent tsb quickly recognised this trend. In 2015, they selected Made to Engage as their digital partner to empower them to become a digital banking leader.


The plan

Made to Engage worked with permanent tsb to deliver a new omnichannel customer experience which could match, and even exceed, what they have been famously delivering offline to their 1.1million customers for decades. To create a website in which customers see themselves reflected, user research was a crucial first step. This helped us design an IA that is intuitive and speaks to customers in a language they understand – simple changes, like using words like 'bank account' instead of 'current account.' To boost engagement and lead generation, we introduced a much more advanced degree of interactivity and self-service. Customers can now research, make appointments and fill in mortgage, loan and credit card forms online. And, of course, the project, as a whole, was underpinned by a mobile-first approach to address the cross-device experience that’s now dominating digital banking.

The technology

Selecting the right technology was essential, as permanent tsb needed a platform to support the bank’s infrastructure and be agile enough to let them compete with all the new fintech startups entering the marketplace. Episerver was an obvious choice from the outset. The CMS facilitated integration with social channels and permanent tsb’s CRM to streamline acquisition and enhance customer service. Most importantly, its intelligent digital marketing features such as A/B testing and personalisation allows permanent tsb to learn more about their customers every day and continually optimise their performance.


The results

Permanent tsb customers have been rewarded with a website which is designed for their current needs, whilst also considering how these will change with the digital landscape and accelerated innovation within the online banking sector. As a result, current account leads increased by 101%, loan appointments increased by 49% and credit card leads increased by 133%. Above all, mortgage account leads increased by 2134%. Meanwhile, having a website which is built for innovation has stirred a cultural shift among internal staff too. They are empowered to rapidly react to changes and instantaneously optimise their offering.

The future

They can easily see how different channels perform and can determine the long-term value of various customers. The connection between internal know-how and external market realities leads to more valuable innovations which permanent tsb can continue to build on. Through their flexible CMS, permanent tsb are looking towards sales automation and allowing customers to take products and transact on a sales level remotely. With Made to Engage’s help, permanent tsb are also looking to use Episerver and some of our custom built functions to allow them to build secure document uploading to support many more of their banking products.

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