Project overview

The success of an organisation isn’t just in its ability to attract new customers. True business value lies in being able provide existing customers with an online experience that keeps them coming back for more. The kind of experience that doesn’t treat users like website traffic or data sets, but like the three-dimensional people that they are. The Law Society of Ireland understood this and in 2014, Made to Engage began working with them on a four-year strategy, using technology and advanced digital marketing, to give their members more.


The plan

To give members more, it was essential for The Law Society to understand them fully. We facilitated this with customer research and workshops to identify the members’ goals, wants and needs, to ultimately build intuitive experiences around them. But for The Law Society, a memorable online experience meant more than fluid and personalised user journeys. So, as added value, we gave members better control with the ability to login, manage membership subscriptions, publication sales, certifications, exams and other Ecommerce offerings. Made to Engage also redesigned the Law Society’s Gazette magazine as a standalone portal which users can access and read for free, from any device, or pay for a subscription to gain access to premium and archived content. 

The technology

As the strategy relied so heavily on high quality content and memorable online experiences, the Law Society required a best in class CMS platform that could provide visitor intelligence, dynamic segmenting, customer journey analysis, as well as ecommerce functionality. Episerver offered this and more. The organisation's existing database and CRM could be easily integrated with Episerver, allowing the team to create a variety of visitor groups. Most importantly, using this CMS, the Law Society can easily manage, publish and personalise content on their website or the Gazette portal, at any time, in a way that's reactive but still consistent with their overall digital marketing strategy.


The results

Law Society members now have a website that’s truly built for them, with self-service and personalisation at its core, making each visitor feel like an individual. This has resulted in users spending more time on the site and using features to their fullest. Overall conversions have increased by 49% and there has been a 125% increase in mobile conversions and access to key self-service tools. There have been benefits for The Law Society’s digital marketing team too. Having specific visitor groups has not only enabled The Law Society to continually learn more about their target users but having a defined content strategy for each user group also vastly improved their digital marketing procedures. 

The future

As part of the four year strategy, Made to Engage continues to work with The Law Society, using the DSDM framework for agile project management to ensure a spirit of collaboration throughout. To fulfil the commitment of giving their members more, there is a need to be always evolving in the content the Law Society delivers and the way they deliver it. As Episerver is one of the most flexible and innovative CMS platforms on the market, its digital marketing features make learning about customers a never ending process and we’re excited to explore the unlimited possibilities as our digital partnership continues.

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