Project overview

Digital innovation has the potential to transform all aspects of a construction organisation; from the supply chain and customer lifecycle, to the lead generation and nurturing process. But, despite this, adoption is slow in this industry; with only 8% of organisations recognising themselves as ‘cutting edge technology visionaries’.

Telestack, a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of bulk material handling systems, saw how the industry was evolving and seized the opportunity to find a digital solution that would give them the tools for global expansion – with a view to become part of that 8%.


The plan

As soon as we started working with Telestack, we were confident that with the best technology and digital marketing strategy, we could change how they do business, for the better. The strategy was twofold; to provide them with a beautiful website that attracted new customers and had an intelligent marketing automation and lead nurturing process to generate those all-important sales. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Telestack needed intuitive product management and content management systems that would digitise processes and integrate to make tasks more seamless for the Telestack team.

The technology

Following development of a Capsule CRM and set up of Copernica email marketing software, we integrated these with a new website built on Episerver CMS. This blend of technology allows the internal team to easily manage product information on the website based on stock levels, website content and customer preferences, all whilst increasing opportunities to cross-sell.


The results

By empowering the Telestack team to manage content and campaigns across channels, visualise customer data, generate, nurture and convert sales leads, sales activity is more efficient, meaning better customer service in less time. Most significantly, with a new lead generation and nurturing process, Telestack saw a 54% increase in database subscribers in the first year and saw in excess of £75million in lead generation within the first two years. 

The future

Now that Telestack are equipped with a successful website and lead generation process, we’ve been showcasing it with a cross-channel digital marketing campaign which promotes their products to a niche but engaged audience. With so much more innovation to embrace in this sector, we’re continuing to work with Telestack to create an app which will give the sales team and existing customers greater access to product information, when they need it. In addition to this, we are also planning integration with Episerver Commerce and EpiCor ERP with a goal of driving 10% of Telestack's business through spare parts sales via the website.

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