Project overview

Competition is high within the energy sector. As customers, we’re not only price driven, aggressively trying to secure the best deal, but our service expectations are high – we want a provider that makes the experience as simple and pain free as possible, from any device, at any time. Although Power NI is Northern Ireland’s leading energy provider, supplying to more than 600,000 homes and businesses across the country, they saw how competition elsewhere within the UK was encouraging impressive innovation and knew this was an opportunity to set a new standard in Northern Ireland.


The plan

The Made to Engage team were delighted to work with Power NI to create a new market-leading, interactive, user-focused website with self-service features that gives the customers full control. As well as allowing customers to pay bills, submit meter readings and update account information online, we significantly developed the Help & Support section, which freed Power NI’s internal resources too. The most impactful change, however, was to the brand’s Energy Online customer portal, which we overhauled to include more features and integrate with various third party systems, for a seamless customer experience that kept users coming back for more. 

The technology

To deliver more engaging content to their customers, Power NI required a technology platform that’s not only fast and easy for the content team to use but has intelligent features that would allow them to continuously discover more about their customers’ needs. Episerver CMS ticked all the boxes. With its drag and drop functionality, personalisation and A/B testing capabilities, Power NI can roll out relevant content with increased agility. They can target unique content to specific customer personas, to drive engagement, encourage people to switch provider or sign up for other services.


The results

The new website has been transformational in the way that customers engage with Power NI. Users are no longer in the dark when it comes to their bill payment and energy consumption and can monitor their spending and usage with easy to read charts, rather than dense spreadsheets. It wasn’t long before we noticed the positive impact of putting customers first. Within months, the website’s conversion rate increased by 50%. The number of actions being taken within the Energy Online portal also increased dramatically – by 1,500%. Further to this, there has been a staggering 86% increase in users requesting to switch to Power NI from other providers. Power NI love it because online self-service has led to increased internal productivity and resources can be managed more effectively. And, being able to personalise content means users are more engaged at every stage of the lifecycle and it provides Power NI with the opportunity to cross-sell and drive interest in seasonal promotions.

The future

Made to Engage have continued to work with Power NI since 2015, making continuous iterative changes to the website and Energy Online. Customer expectations change all the time, so we know that an agile approach is what helps maintain a competitive edge. And as well as being their trusted technical partner, we now also support Power NI with digital strategy, helping them promote their always on services and seasonal campaigns across social and digital channels. They’re a client we enjoy working with as they embrace the agile approach and are ambitious with their digital objectives, meaning we’re always thinking of the next creative idea that will push our digital skills.

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