Project Overview

Like many traditional retailers, Eason have felt the pressure from large online competitors, and for a large bookseller the competition is formidable.

The goal of the Eason team is to create an omnichannel experience enabling them to offer the same great service online as they do offline.

Eason needed a platform which would deliver complete marketing and ecommerce merchandising agility - enabling them to blend product and promotional content throughout the site and related campaigns while enhancing every customer's experience.

Most importantly, Eason required a platform that would support seamless integration to their back-office systems (Dynamics AX) for customer, order and product data, enabling them to use this data to develop personalisation and automated product promotion strategies which would drive relevance and overall customer experience.

Made to Engage effectively answered all of these requirements and more with the implementation of Episerver - including its key components - CMS; Commerce; Perform (Behavioural Merchandising); Campaign (Automated Marketing) and Find (Search).

Eason has developed a strong vision for a seamless unified commerce experience for all customers. Made to Engage and Episerver are making that a reality.

"The way to compete with a giant is to capitalise on your size - be nimble and more in tune with your customers."
"Eason have developed a strong vision for a seamless unified commerce experience for all customers. Made to Engage and Episerver are making that a reality."

The Plan

This was an ambitious project, both from a technological and a timing point of view. The entire build had to be carried out in a timeframe which would allow Eason to capitalise on the largest retail window of the year, stretching through Black Friday to the end of the January sales.

But with the current technology stack at Eason, this brought about its own challenges. Commencing the build in July, Made to Engage prioritised functionality that would allow Eason to make good headway for the site going live in October.

The project required a seamless integration between Episerver and Dynamics AX. This was achieved via the Avensia Storefront Dynamics AX integration accelerators and direct integration to Microsoft CRT to manage the synchronisation of carts, orders and customer profiles.

In line with our agile approach to projects, Made to Engage's Episerver Commerce specialist team worked with Eason IT to establish the required integration patterns before delivering increased marketing capability and enhanced customer experience over a series of iterative delivery sprints.

"A platform for unified commerce performance, delivering data driven, personalised customer experiences across channels."

The Technology

The full Episerver suite includes a CMS and Commerce platform, along with additional functions called Perform, Find and Campaign, which integrate to provide exceptional customer experiences. We coupled this with Eason's current ERP, Dynamics AX, bringing Eason's brick and mortar systems seamlessly into their digital landscape.

Episerver Perform, and behavioural merchandising enables Eason to use machine learning to automatically present recommendations to consumers. This is based on their search behaviour, and on their purchasing history on and offline. Additionally, Episerver Campaign, built for email marketing and transactional emails, will ensure every consumer of Eason will feel like their most important and valued customer.


The Results

The year on year revenue has increased enough to more than justify the efforts but also provide a clear indication of the impacts that would be expected of the iterations to come in the year ahead; and while the figures may speak for themselves, the video below demonstrates the value in how we approached this project with Eason to achieve these results.


Looking to the future...

With Episerver Insights now in place, Eason can leverage business intel, insights and user experience research to enhance their brand new solution. The combined and dedicated team of Eason and Made to Engage have big plans for 2018, continuing work to further develop the platform, bringing us closer to achieving our goal of delivering an exceptional unified commerce experience to each of Eason's highly valued customers. 



Would you like to know more?

Download the case study PDF for more detail about how we implemented the full Episerver stack and more, and what Eason have to say about our collaboration.