Competing with Giants

The largest retailer in the world can get anything on your doorstep within 24 hours. For Eason, the leading Irish book retailer, the competition is formidable.

"The way to compete with a giant is to capitalise on your size - be nimble and more in tune with your customers."

Answering to Rising Expectations

Eason came to Made to Engage in 2017 with the goal of creating an exceptional omnichannel experience, one which each of their valued customers would receive the same great service online as they would in-store, in line with the increased expectation of consumers.

We created an integrated platform solution for Eason which has enabled them to blend product and promotional content throughout the site and related campaigns, enhancing every customer's experience, in a project that saw us named Episerver’s Premium Partner of the Year.


Making It (More) Personal

Eason required a platform that would support seamless integration to their back-office systems (Dynamics AX) for two reasons - customer, order and product data, and the capability which would enable them to use this data to develop personalisation and automated product promotion strategies, driving relevance and overall customer experience.

The ability to craft tailor-made experiences is further enabled by Episerver’s approach to individualised content and experience-driven commerce. Episerver products such as Perform allow for data-driven, automated product recommendations; while Episerver Campaign and Reach empower Eason’s marketing communications through transactional emails with tailored content for each user.

"Eason have developed a strong vision for a seamless unified commerce experience for all customers. Made to Engage and Episerver are making that a reality."


Commencing the build in July, Made to Engage prioritised functionality which would allow Eason to make great headway quickly, as the entire build had to be carried out in a timeframe which would allow them to capitalise on the largest retail window of the year - stretching from Black Friday weekend through to the end of the January sales. Our agile approach to projects made this possible, delivering increased marketing capability and enhanced customer experience over a series of iterative delivery sprints.


Under the Hood

This project was one of the first full implementations of the full suite of Episerver products in the world. This includes a CMS and Commerce platform, along with additional functions which enable individualised content, experience-driven commerce and intelligent campaigns, designed to provide exceptional customer experiences.

The project required a seamless integration between Episerver and Dynamics AX, which was achieved via the Avensia Storefront Dynamics AX integration accelerators and direct integration to Microsoft CRT to manage the synchronisation of carts, orders and customer profiles. This ensured the product database of 600K products was available, not to mention the introduction of Click & Collect at 60+ stores across Ireland.

"A platform for unified commerce performance, delivering data driven, personalised customer experiences across channels."

A Christmas to Remember...

Eason had a festive season they will never forget with the YoY revenue uplift enough to more than justify the combined efforts of our teams. One year since the initial implementation, Eason are continuing to see business uplift through the platform. The festive period in 2018 will provide an opportunity to further harness the marketing tools in the Episerver platform. Focused enhancements have also been made to ensure Eason can harness gathered business insights.


The combined and dedicated team of Eason and Made to Engage have big plans for Christmas 2018 and beyond. We will continue work to further develop the platform, including a full Dynamics 365 (D365) CRM integration which will enable Eason to further personalise content on-site and through marketing automation; the D365 CRM will also help to improve customer services both online and offline, and it will bring us closer to achieving our goal of delivering an exceptional unified commerce experience to each of Eason’s highly valued customers.

In 2019, we will enable Eason to grow with the transformation of their B2B and School Books services, ensuring they have the right platform that can scale and support the entire business.



Would you like to know more?

Download the case study PDF for more detail about how we implemented the full Episerver stack and more, and what Eason have to say about our collaboration.