We all know data is big business. It’s why our smartphones track nearly every aspect of our existence, from how long we sleep to how many steps we take.  It’s why sensors are embedded in our spaces to track our movement then enable smart devices. And it’s why today’s organisations radically redirect their big vision based on inferences taken from their customer data.

The trouble is businesses are often unsure about what to do with all their data. At Made to Engage, we’re helping organisations capitalise on the data they have by crafting data-driven experiences and leveraging the technology required to enable companies to use their data.

One of the industries most affected by the data revolution has been retail. When Irish bookseller Eason approached us in 2017, they had a largely one-way relationship with their customers. They identified new books or toys that “would sell” and brought them to their customers through a crafted online experience. Before data, this was almost completely subjective.

Our experienced development team leveraged Eason’s unique customer data to enable a two-way relationship between the bookseller and their customers. We created a solution that used real-time metrics to drive personalisation in the form of data-driven, automated recommendations based on customer preferences. Our work led to a 30% uplift in online sales for the retailer.

Now, organisations including Eason are looking to combine user data with new technologies like machine learning systems to build customer segments across all marketing channels and help customers better engage with products online.

However, companies will have to respect the boundary between useful guidance and being too enthusiastic with messaging. Pushing a hard sale - especially at an inconvenient moment for a user - can put the relationship between a customer and a brand in jeopardy.