For Permanent TSB I was asked to include the facility for adobe analytics.
They kindly sent me the attached document for review. After myself & digital team not making much sense of it we requested a cal to figure out requirements.
Pretty simple in the end.

Examples specifically for PTSB:
Include following (provided) script below opening body tag:
    <script src="//"></script>

Include the following (provided) script before closing body tag:
    <script type="text/javascript">_satellite.pageBottom();</script>

In the document from Adobe they provided a script as to what may be required

The format for this would be generated & supplied from the client. Luckily enough PTSB only required one property to be included ""
I added this property to the start page properties:
    [Display(Name = "Adobe Unique Page Name", GroupName = Global.GroupNames.MetaData, Order = 2)]
    public virtual string AdobeUniqueName { get; set; }

And included on the _Root layout:
    <!-- Adobe analytics -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var dataLayer = dataLayer ||{};
        dataLayer = {
            page: {
                pageName: "@Model.CurrentPage.AdobeUniqueName"

It is the clients responsibility to update this field on each page that they wish.

One point to note...
This affected the Google Tag Manager script on the page as the were both trying to declare a variable with the same name: 'dataLayer'.
Simple solution here is to change the Google Tag varilble name. I think this can be changed to whatever you want, full instructions here:

This is a first for the digital team too, any further developments & I'll update here.