Engage Graduate Quiz

This quiz evaluates a person's aptitude and potential for programming. The test assumes no prior experience or knowledge of programming. It evaluates logic and reasoning skills. It also evaluates ability to follow procedures, attention to detail, basic mathematical skills, and ability to reason with symbols.

The total test requires forty minutes to complete. It is completely self-instructive for the candidate, and effectively measures programmer potential in a business environment.  

Don't start this test until you have 40 minutes to spare, although you will not be logged out the time spent on the test is being timed after submitting your name and email address.

 Below are  6 rows containing two identical sets of characters, but in one row, one character in the two sets is different. Highlight which rows are the difference?

Flight tickets for an airline are coded as follows:

  • UK Destinations are coded A, Flights to Europe are coded B, Asian Destinations C, and the Americas D.
  • If a flight takes place between 10 pm and 6 am the same code are used but with lower case letters (a,b,c, and d)
  • Male passengers are coded X and female passengers are coded Y. Children are coded by the same letters in lower case (x.y)
  • Meals are coded as follows:
  • European meal G, Asian Meal H, Vegetarian Meal K. Children's meals coded by the same letters in lower case (g,h,k)
  • First Class passengers are coded P, Business Class Q and economy R


Three computers were lined up in a row.

The Dell was to the left of the Viglen but not necessarily next to it. The blue computer was to the right of the white computer. The black computer was to the left of the Hewlett Packard PC. The Hewlett Packard was to the left of the Viglen.

Tim was given a large bag of sweets and ate one third of the sweets before stopping as he was feeling sick. The next day he ate one third of the remaining sweets and the following day he ate one third of the remainder, before counting the sweets he had left which totalled eight. 

In a counting system used by intelligent apes.

  • A banana = 1
  • 6 is represented by an orange and 2 bananas
  • An orange is worth half a mango

  • You start in square E6 facing East. Move 3 squares forward  
  • Turn 90 degrees clockwise, move two squares forward  
  • Turn 180 degrees anticlockwise. Move 5 squares forward  
  • Turn 90 degrees anticlockwise. Move 4 squares forwards   
  • Turn 90 degrees clockwise. Move two squares backwards  
  • You start in square E6 facing South West. Move three squares forward  
  • Rotate 135 degrees clockwise. Move 4 squares forward.  
  • Rotate 45 degrees clockwise. Move 2 squares forward  
  • Rotate 90 degrees anticlockwise and move 4 squares backwards.  

In a chocolate factory

A machine takes a 1 kg block of chocolate. It then divides this into rectangles each weighing 10g. These rectangles are then stamped into disks of chocolate each weighing 6g with the remaining chocolate discarded. These chocolate disks are then packed into bags of 4 which are sealed and finally packed into boxes, each containing 6 bags ready for dispatch to the shops. 

Consider a language which uses the following set of characters:

  • Small set: { a b c }
  • Large set: { A B C }
  • Punctuation set: { x y }
  • This language must follow the following rules:
  • A punctuation character must end all series.
  • A series can have up to but no more than 4 characters,including punctuation characters.
  • Does the following series follow all the rules of the language defined above?

Consider the above flow chart for a customer:

23. Select the correct answer - The person in No.1 is:

A library has multiple books, with different categories and multiple members including Adults, OAP’s and children. The books are lent out for 4 weeks as standard. If a member is late, they are charge 50p for every week they are overdue.