Content Migration App

CMS projects requires some amount of migrating existing content, yet this is often a bespoke and expensive task. The Made to Engage CMS Migration App simplifies this into an easy process that saves project time and budget!

Key Features

  • Install and start working in minutes
  • Works with your Page & Block types
  • Simple Admin screens
  • Validates your data

Works with a variety of data formats including

  • CSV Text files
  • Tab Delimited Text files
  • XLSX
  • JSON


Installation & Setup

The app is simple to install using the NuGet package available on the Episerver NuGet feed.  

Install for the package: MadetoEngage.ContentMigration  
The current version is 1.0
Depends on Episerver.CMS.Core version 11 or higher

Once the package is installed this will add the relevant assembly references and the corresponding views for the admin screens in ~/Views/ContentMigration.

No further configuration is necessary.

Once installed and deployed, your site will now contain a new top level menu item for Content Migration. This will have a single sub- menu item for Import Data.
By default only the WebAdmins group has access to this section.


Further Information

 Read the User Guide for full details on using the Content Migration product.