Feature Rich Content Management

Sitefinity™ is a content management and customer analytics platform developed by Telerik®, a leading vendor of enterprise software products

As a leading vendor of enterprise software products. Sitefinity has more than 130,000 customers from 60,000 organisations in 94 countries. Sitefinity has the features and add on products to ensure you optimize your customer experiences across multiple digital channels, Successful organizations across the globe, such as NASA, Chevron, Expedia, PepsiCo, Panasonic, Roche rely on Sitefinity to power their online solutions.

Content and Commerce within one platform

Sitefinity has a comprehensive feature set out of the box that includes Inline Editing, Template Mangement, Responsive Design Templates, Mobile App Support, Content Personalisation, Ecommerce, and Marketing Automation. Digital marketers appreciate Sitefinity’s focus on ease of use, end-user adoption and metrics-based improvement of the online experiences the platform powers. Sitefinity’s thousands of global customers benefit from parent company Telerik's extensive experience in both web content management, web application development, and .NET UI Controls.

Multisite Management

The Sitefinity Multisite Management feature allows you to centrally manage multiple websites, microsites and intranets. Improve the efficiency of your teams using a single friendly interface to manage all your Websites with a convenient way to move between sites. With Sitefinity CMS Multisite Management feature you can share content and assets across all sites and quickly launch new pages and sites by utilising existing content and design.

Sitefinity is build in ASP.NET, with a rich extensive API that allows you to extend and connect the CMS to pretty much any application on system that you want to from Salesforce, Dynamics, Sage, Marketo, IBM,  etc.