IBM Marketing Cloud 

IBM Marketing Cloud (formally known as Silverpop), is a cloud-based digital marketing provider that offers email marketing and lead management solutions. This platform reduces the complexity of Omni channel marketing and enables exceptional experiences for customers across the entire buyer journey.  

As a partner of IBM, we use the intuitive web editor feature of the platform to easily create and edit email content. With point-and-click access to link tracking, personalisation, dynamic content and more, the email marketing features of IBM make it easier than ever to create content that is relevant and engaging, directly within the platform and without the assistance of IT.

This automated marketing platform makes it easy for us to build campaign specific landing pages to drive conversions and ROI for clients. The campaign automation functionality allows us to create multi-track workflows using email, direct mail, social and mobile. We can keep track of our client’s customer behaviours and know what keeps them engaged. With IBM, we can react to those behaviours as well as anticipate future actions.

"Create a single customer view and deliver personalised digital interactions across all channels".

Multichannel Platform

The IBM platform enables us to ensure that all customer touch points are integrated to convey a consistent and personalised experience. Offering a full suite of best-in-class integrated marketing software, IBM supplies us with the critical components needed to create a successful multichannel marketing campaign for our clients and delivery strategy that connects strongly with their customers.


Advanced Insights

IBM makes it easy for us to overlay mailing metrics with customer attributes in easy to use analytics reports, helping us to  quickly identify high and low performing customer segments across campaigns. We can interact with reports, tailoring them to display the format and metrics that best fit our preferences and business requirements. Charts, tables and individual data points can be customised, saved and easily distributed to others. We can easily identify important trends and anomalies to improve the relevance and effectiveness of marketing efforts,


Delivered in the cloud to drive performance, resillience, security and savings

Cloud hosting offers market leading security, guranteed page availability and outstanding performance - even during traffic spikes. Delivered as a Platform as a Service, Episerver cloud hosting offers peace of mind, security and value for money.

We worked with Power NI to engage with the various customer groups, to analyse customer behavioural and transactional data and to create a series of user profiles (or personas) which would be representative of the customer and their needs and allow us to plan for them accordingly. The result is an online experience that exceeds all expectation.