Episerver Partner Agency of the year 2017

We're incredibly proud to have been awarded the Episerver Partner Agency Of The Year (UK & Ireland) this year for our work in 2017.

We believe that delivering your commerce, content and digital marketing projects within one platform enable rapid & sustainable growth, accelerates your time to value and builds a data-driven, personalised relationship with your audience.

Delivering ground-breaking Episerver projects is becoming a regular occurrence, none more so than our Eason digital transformation project which featured as the keynote at Episerver's 2018 Ascend conferences in Las Vegas and London.


Episerver for experience-driven commerce

Customers gravitate to brands who deliver memorable, useful and personalised experiences. That includes B2B markets, who are now adopting strategies that were once deemed only the realm of B2C brands.

You need a commerce platform that does more than display your products and processes payments. Personalising search & product recommendations, intelligent content placements and using customer data to help inform your digital marketing campaigns leads to better conversion rates, higher order values and increased revenue.

Understanding your customer journey

We know that the typical user journey is not a linear one. Customer experiences traverse online and offline, and through a myriad of devices before deciding what and when to purchase.

As an Episerver Premium Partner, we utilise the full suite of Episerver products to build commerce solutions that put your customer first and you in control of their digital experience from the first point of contact to fully fledged brand advocate.

"Our mission is to empower our clients to engage with their audiences digitally. Episerver enables us to achieve this."

Digital experience delivered - 
take a closer look

Episerver offers a better way of working with online content - one where the user interface empowers marketers to focus on the message, to deliver effective campaigns and to adhere to brand guidelines - reusing content and features with Episerver's industry leading ease of use.


Be part of the mobile revolution

Give your users the mobile experience they deserve, with the same functionality as desktop plus the benefits of personalized, location-based offers. In Episerver, all content is automatically available for mobile, desktop and everything in-between.

This means your visitors will have a complete mobile experience with the same core functionality as desktop users. To optimize the journey, rearrange and customise your content directly in mobile-first mode to fit the scenarios ideal for mobile.


Drive social engagement with your customers 

With Episerver you can push content and release campaigns into social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest at the click of a button. Create efficiency in social campaigns and use customer's social data to drive personalisation and engagement when they return to your site.

Delivered in the cloud to drive performance, resillience, security and savings

Cloud hosting offers market leading security, guranteed page availability and outstanding performance - even during traffic spikes. Delivered as a Platform as a Service, Episerver DXC cloud hosting offers peace of mind, security and value for money.


Target customers with highly personalised content and recommendations

Episerver's personalisation suite is driven by intelligent, machine learning technology; giving your visitors and customers the most relevant and up-to-date personalised content and product recommendations based on their behaviour.

Episerver Perform drives product recommendations for retailers - providing key upsell and cross sell strategies based on real-time data and customer behaivour.

Episerver Advance is useful for high content websites where relevant content is presented based on visitor interest, profile and activity.

Combine Episerver's Find and Perform products and the result is "Personalised Find".  Now you can personalise customer's search results to tailor their individual preferences.

Build a detailed view of your customers

People visiting your website are telling you what they want, but are you listening? Episerver Insight can help collect and aggregate all of that data to help you build a clearer picture of your customers. 

Filter and segment customers into groups which can be used for personalisation and targeting specific email campaigns.

Episerver experts

Our Head of Product Strategy, Janaka Fernando, comes to us after working 4 ½ years at Episerver as a Solution Architect. With his extensive knowledge of the Episerver product range, he's our go-to product expert. His role includes ensuring our customers are getting the most out of using the Episerver product suite.

We also have nine Episerver certified developers in our ranks with experience in the full range of Episerver products including CMS, Perform, Find, Commerce, Campaign and Digital Experience Cloud (DXC).