Deliver relevant and timely communications.

Copernica is an online multichannel platform for creating professional marketing campaigns that engage the audience, segment the database, create content and automate campaigns via email, web, mobile, social and print.

Whether it’s a bulk newsletter you want to send out or a personal offer to a select number of recipients, Copernica is the solution for creating, sending and analysing your email marketing campaigns.

With Copernica's selections, structuring customer databases is easier than ever. We work with selections to optimise the quality of client databases and easily set up targeted campaigns. As Copernica processes all changes in the databases, the selections and data are always up to date.

Key Automations we can create with Copernica include:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Re-engagement email
  • Date / Time Trigger email i.e. Birthday
  • Thank You Email
  • Confirmation Email
  • Unsubscribe Email
  • Abandoned Cart

Using Copernica we can fully personalise our client’s campaigns. Personalised tags are automatically replaced with custom and predefined fields which makes it easier for us to identify our client’s audience and engage them effectively. We can tap into our own HTML knowledge, or make use of pre-designed email templates.

Copernica enables us to gain access to all the tools our clients need to create professional and clever emails.