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As an Episerver Premium Partner, we are perfectly placed to combine our creative approach to digital strategy development and our user centred approach to UX design with over 10 years experience in Episerver solution implementation - ensuring your project is delivered for success - optimised around the platforms extensive featureset.

As one of only 17 Episerver Solution Partners in the UK, we are delighted to have been awarded Episerver Solution Partner of the Year for 2015. This award comes as a double success having just recently been promoted to Episerver Premium Partner status. We are looking forward to delivering more Episerver solutions with new insights for our client’s in 2016.

With Episerver - YOU can build beautiful and rewarding experiences with highly intuitive drag and drop control. YOU can deliver them confidently across all channels with intelligent digital marketing techniques such as mobile optimisation, content personalisation, automated campaign optimisation and data driven marketing automation and social integration.

Digital Experience Delivered - 
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Episerver offers a better way of working with online content - one where the user interface empowers marketers to focus on the message, to deliver effective campaigns and to adhere to brand guidelines - reusing content and features with Episerver's industry leading ease of use.


Be part of the mobile revolution

Give your users the mobile experience they deserve, with the same functionality as desktop plus the benefits of personalized, location-based offers. In Episerver, all content is automatically available for mobile, desktop and everything in-between.

This means your visitors will have a complete mobile experience with the same core functionality as desktop users. To optimize the journey, rearrange and customise your content directly in mobile-first mode to fit the scenarios ideal for mobile.


Delivered in the cloud to drive performance, resillience, security and savings

Cloud hosting offers market leading security, guranteed page availability and outstanding performance - even during traffic spikes. Delivered as a Platform as a Service, Episerver cloud hosting offers peace of mind, security and value for money.

We worked with Power NI to engage with the various customer groups, to analyse customer behavioural and transactional data and to create a series of user profiles (or personas) which would be representative of the customer and their needs and allow us to plan for them accordingly. The result is an online experience that exceeds all expectation.