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Modernise UK Parliament’s website and migrate 2 million pieces of content

The UK Parliament site needed significant modernisation. The design and underlying technology were showing their age; it wasn’t mobile friendly, it failed to meet modern accessibility and inclusivity targets and the navigation and site search were not as intuitive or effective as they should have been. This made delivering the content to citizens increasingly difficult and time consuming. Made to Engage were asked to deliver an entirely new digital experience for UK Citizens and visitors, rationalising and migrating the site to the latest version of Episerver. In less than 1 year.

Sounds simple, right?

However, with the site being edited by more than 300 people across several governmental departments, it contained several hundred thousand unique pages and dozens of applications. This added up to almost 2 million pieces of content, some dynamically generated, some hardcoded, some constitutionally important, some old and redundant.

Oh, and then there was Brexit. An election. A pandemic.
But, that didn't stop us.


A solid foundation

We created a best-in-class installation of Episerver CMS 11, unlocking all of the power and flexibility for digital experience optimisation and collaboration on content production.

  • An extensive library of CMS page and block templates supporting delivery of both content and website functions / features.

  • Site search analytics and optimisation tools using Episerver Find

  • Workflow management and collaboration tools to support quality content delivery


Consistent experiences

We established a new style for digital, ensuring a consistent and positive experience across devices and touchpoints.

  • Establish consistent digital styleguide for all UI elements and across dozens of templates and applications.

  • Responsive and accessible supporting delivering for citizens.

  • Intuitive navigation and site search which works beautifully across desktop and mobile devices.


Integrated services

  • We directly integrated with UK Parliament’s custom-built online Calendar Service
  • We developed a headless integration between Episerver CMS and Parliamentary Committees news service content
  • We rationalised the number of service integrations

Improved image, document and video delivery with Episerver’s Media management capabilities


Efficient content handling


  • Moved more than 70,000 individual pieces of content using our Content Shift Episerver Content Migration tool

  • Reconciled more than 20,000 pieces for redundancy

  • Migrated and integrated to dozens of applications, delivering hundreds of thousands of content pieces in the new UI


Editor training

We designed and ran (IRL and virtually) class-room style training for not only a core group of Super Users but also more than 200 content managers. We also created video guides to support staff onboarding and bite size recaps for regular features and those once-in-a-while activities.


A new platform for government

Delivered on Episerver

Parliament’s new site and digital experience platform launched in September 2020 but the job didn’t stop there. We continue to work with Parliament to extend their capabilities with Episerver and to further optimise the experience for every UK citizen & visitor.

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