Increasing revenue by 107% for New Era Cap in 2 years.

All the results.
None of the stress.

  • 107% Growth in Revenue
  • 60% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 378% Increase in EU Organic Traffic

Putting on our thinking hats.

New Era came to us with a challenge that many businesses face. Often, time was spent manually processing time-consuming tasks. Teams were frustrated that they couldn’t achieve what they wanted with their tech. And this started leaking through and negatively impacting their sales.

So, we donned our thinking caps and immersed ourselves into New Era’s code. Diagnosing issues, gathering a backlog of requirements from multiple teams. And then cleaned up as many minor issues as we could before the first big project.

We got to work.

We started with the fundamentals – tightening up integrations, simplifying tech ops and making sure New Era was squeezing every last drop out of their existing Optimizely stack. Next, we turned our focus to CX, helping customers to find things they love, check out with ease, and inspiring them to share. From the Dordogne to Doha, we made sure New Era shoppers had a localised experience – and they said thanks with their credit cards, scoring NEC a 107% revenue boost in just 2 years.









Putting money on the line.

If we really wanted to make a difference, we had to have skin in the game. That’s why we staked half - yes half - our fees on hitting New Era’s sales targets. To make sure we reached those targets, we created a commercially pragmatic roadmap based on combining all the data signals, including sales, traffic, and CRO web data.

The roadmap also helped bridge any gaps between different teams, enabling us to assemble the right team with the right engagement model. This hybrid team could then do complex, interdependent work at pace. The result? The result? 60% Increase in Organic Traffic, 107% growth in revenue and 113% growth in transactions. Oh, and we got our fees. 

“It’s great to see what you are doing here. The decisions you are making just seem to make sense. We are focusing in the right areas. It feels like you are thinking for us and working with us. Thank you. Let’s keep it going.”


Paul Gils, CEO Europe

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