Providing digital sustainability for ERM

ERM is a forward-thinking and innovative leader in the sustainability advisory sector, providing strategic direction to some of the world’s largest organisations. For a company of this renown, it's vital that the digital representation of the brand reflects these core values.

In early 2019, ERM approached Made to Engage with the remit of upgrading their corporate site: The site required an update from a design and coding perspective. ERM wanted to put in place a secure and scalable platform which would provide a more accurate portrayal of the brand offering. In addition, ERM has over 5,500 employees across the globe with specialist knowledge of the markets in which they operate. The new platform needed to provide a fitting showcase for this insightful content.

Launched in October 2019, Made to Engage and ERM have created a platform which is contemporary, provides an outstanding user experience and delivers the stability, security and scalability needed for future expansion and growth.

The plan

Before we undertook any design or development work, we took ERM's brand positioning and interpreted it into a digital use case. From this, we generated a clear understanding for creating assets. After producing and agreeing this with ERM, Made to Engage undertook a benchmarking exercise to inform the solution we needed to design and develop.

The technology

One of the main drivers for the development of the project was to future-proof the platform, provide a secure and stable environment and lay the foundations for possible expansion in future. Given these requirements, an upgrade to Episerver DXC was identified as the preferred solution. The cloud-based hosting solution provides high availability and performance, an ability to manage spikes in customer demand, a platform that is ready to seamlessly adopt the latest technology updates and the capability to host an unlimited number of websites.

Future growth

With the new platform, ERM now has a solid, secure and sound base to build on in the future. Free from the limitations of an old and complex codebase, they can make the most of the advanced user features within Episerver such as personalisation and enterprise search. The website can also now act as a key lead generation tool which stakeholders can feel proud to recommend and contribute to.

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