Driving a 5x increase in online revenue for Eason.

From bricks to clicks.


Eason’s bookstores are an Irish institution. But like many bricks and mortar businesses, they soon found themselves at the mercy of a cut-throat digital marketplace. With online competitors rapidly approaching, attention turned to improving their own online experience.

Their existing platform was seriously hindering their growth. It lacked integration between platforms, had rampant inconsistencies across different services, and the mobile experience was turning would-be customers elsewhere. A change was needed.

Doing it by the book.


Getting technical.

We started by integrating multiple legacy platforms, connecting payments, loyalty programs, gifting, and more into one seamless digital platform and experience.

Getting personal.

Personalisation is a key driver of online sales, so we used a range of data channels to personalise every customer’s experience, enabling them to transition effortlessly between offline and online.

Getting helpful.

To further drive conversions, we used Optimizely to instantaneously load search autocomplete suggestions, ensuring they were styled in a way that was as useful to customers as possible.

A new chapter for Eason.


Always on the lookout for how we can quickly add value, our search improvements alone saw online revenue increase by 18% in the first week. 

But our work has massive long-term results too. By connecting their platforms together, and making gradual improvements to their online CX, we could help Eason weather the Covid storm and write a new chapter of their story.

“The impact of having a fully integrated 

marketing platform has been huge for Eason.”


Michael Robinson 
IT Manager, Eason


Let's sell
the stress



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