27th January 2022

You’re invited to a first party (data world)

Big changes are coming to the world of first party data.  As a marketer, if you’re not future-proofing your data strategy, you risk being left in the dark. 

A cookie-less future is rapidly advancing, with Apple's iOS 14 privacy policies coming into effect and Google announcing their upcoming privacy policy changes in Chrome. As a result, third-party data sets – hitherto the backbone of segmentation and targeting - are going to become incomplete and meaningless.

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To keep pace with the changes, brands will need to pivot and make best use of the data they own. The good news for Optimizely DXP customers is that they’re already one step ahead, with a plan in place to support you through the transition.

First party first

When it comes to data collection, marketers are going to have to double down on getting the most from the platforms they operate.

Optimizely are one step ahead. The Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) gives marketers the power to collect, aggregate and create actionable insight from customer clicks and behaviour. This platform brings customer data together in one place, helping marketers see and understand how their business is performing.

Insight first

In 2022, Optimizely will go one step further with the launch of Data Core Services.

A subset of the full Optimizely Data Platform, available for free to all Optimizely cloud users, this service will enable marketers to build a unified, 360-degree view of customer behaviour from their Optimizely DXP; find out what’s driving customer outcomes, gather insights and inspiration and unlock insight to drive further conversion and marketing activity.

Experimentation first

In a world where second and third-party data is becoming a thing of the past, the battle for the best first party data will be fierce. Better content coupled with a better UX drives conversion – and the insight gathered from experimentation (allowing you to understand what works for your customers and what doesn’t) is a powerful way to get ahead of the pack.

The data-feedback and implementation wheel is going to become more important than ever, while faster deployment times and quicker learning will be crucial to success.  With Optimizely’s DXP and Data Core Services, brands can access all the support they need to confidently approach and implement the changes that will be required to future-proof their data strategy.

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