22nd June 2020

Why Cloud First?

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read by Mark Everard

The ‘cloud’ has been hovering above the IT landscape for well over ten years, rather like the persistent rain clouds over the Belfast skyline. Whilst the latter offers little benefit, the former is now the go-to IT deployment model for forward thinking organisations.

Cloud first strategies are maturing IT department’s core operations from managing ‘servers and cables’ to ‘services and capabilities’. A recent Forrester report estimated an 80% reduction in IT administration resulting from cloud adoption and a three-year 478 percent return on investment.

The benefits to customer facing systems extend further. The speed-to-market, scalability and performance offered by the cloud means as a marketer or merchandiser you can rely on your message and products being there near 100% of the time. 


Content, Commerce & Customer Experience

Episerver is a recognised leader for Digital Experience Platforms, offering a mature industry leading Paas cloud offering. Episerver’s DXP platform combines Episerver’s advanced Content Management (Content Cloud) and Ecommerce solutions (Commerce Cloud), with a Microsoft cloud deployment

  • AZURE – Episerver DXP is hosted using Microsoft Azure, giving global reliability and scale
  • SCABILITY – capacity scales quickly to meet demand and scales back slowly as demand ebbs.
  • PERFORMANCE – reduce global latency and decreased page load times using a pre-configured Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN)
  • ENTERPRISE SEARCH – indexing content and products across multiple sites and markets, surfacing to the user based on text, tags, price, popularity, or any available data attribute. Results are continually optimised based on search history, behaviour, and visitor data.
  • DEVOPS – includes QA, pre-production and live environments, along with automated deployments (via a portal or API), allowing full integration with continuous integration
  • SINGLE COST – host multiple websites and domains, with licensing, hosting and managed service all included in a single consumption-based cost.


Look Up

If your current Episerver implementation isn’t taking advantage of the cost, functional and operational advantages of the Episerver DXP Cloud then now is the time to plan your migration.

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