22nd June 2020

Rise of the Chatbots

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read by Paul McGann

A chatbot is a computer software program, typically driven by artificial intelligence (AI)… scratch that - you know what a chatbot is, right? They’re everywhere. If you haven’t experienced one, it’s time to come out from under the rock my friend.

While chatbots have historically been known for being a bit of a nightmare, inaccurate guessing using “keywords”, sending customers in circles, round the bend and up the wall, chatbot technology has advanced considerably in recent years thanks to improved AI and machine-learning capabilities.

So much so, that today’s chatbots are a critical component to companies’ customer-service operations. 

If you’re on the fence about implementing a chatbot, here are 5 benefits you and your customers could reap if you do.


1. No waiting time

Customers like help or support when they need it, not when you are open for business.

Now that many of us have had to adjust to the recent circumstances we find that customers are not always looking help in the normal 9-5.

Chatbots are a great way to ensure that customers receive the help and support at the time of day or night when they want it. Another tick box to ensure customer expectations are met.


2. Automated Issue Categorisation

Often in a help desk or support setting the manual task of categorising and assigning the issue to an available support agent can take time.

Chatbots can perform these tasks automatically and reduce the cost of transferring a customer to the right department - and while this may have been hit or miss before, machine learning has made this process increasingly more accurate.


3. Quicker Issue Resolution

Customers do not want to just be heard, they want to see action and quickly. Chatbots can collect information from the customer before it reaches the support agent. The support agent will then be able to use this data to come to a resolution more efficiently. 

Chatbots may be on the rise, but nothing beats a human touch.


4. Improved Self-Service

In saying that, chatbots have advanced a lot from their initial inceptions and can now utilise machine learning to help customers resolve less complex issues by themselves. Less going in circles, more getting to the solution!


5. Cost Optimisation

Yes, chatbots can help reduce costs by reducing initial manpower. But it goes beyond cost reduction chatbots can: 

  • Automate end-to-end business processes (Order Management / Tracking, Reporting) 
  • Enable new customer service models 


Let the bots rise up

Chatbots can be used to create a better user experience for the customer and support agents, but more importantly, it supports the brand experience, reputation and loyalty.

Armed with your new knowledge about chatbots, you should be ready to make a strong business case for implementation. Don't keep your customers waiting...



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