08th February 2021

Optimisely, the new name for Episerver

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read by Janaka Fernando

It’s only two months into the new year, and already we’ve heard quite possibly one of the biggest announcements in digital tech.  Over the next couple of months, Episerver will cease using its legacy brand name and become known as Optimizely. 

Having acquired Optimizely last autumn, Episerver made considerable leaps in growing its customer base, market position and obtaining a top tier optimization product. Product development has already started on what is now going to be called “Optimization as a Service“, a new offering that combines both Content & Commerce Cloud with continued Optimization.

This offering will be a significant step forward for Optimizely to knock Adobe off its pedestal.  Episerver has been competing with other vendors seeking to commodify CMS & Commerce with SaaS and headless variations.  In response, Episerver’s drive has been on owning the digital experience and providing a platform for editors & merchandisers to manage CX with the support of automation services. Optimizely will take that one step further, with more comprehensive digital testing and optimization features available for marketers.  Development teams’ ability to launch new features more rapidly with controls in place, allows organizations to be agile and respond to broader changes, which we all know to shift in today’s landscape constantly. 

We look forward to this new era of evolution in the platform. As a full-service digital agency, we enable digital leaders to continuously evolve and adapt their offering using analytics, data and customer insights. With the ability to fully utilize the Optimizely platform to its best capabilities, the turnaround time from ideation to execution will be minimal.  We are excited at what we can achieve with our clients to drive growth and success this year!

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