03rd March 2020

Made to Engage Celebrates International Women's Day 2020

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read by Colleen Bradley

Ahead of International Women's Day on 8th March, I'm answering some key questions about the importance of women in tech, how we encourage more women to get into tech roles and life at Made to Engage. 


Why is it vital for more women to play a part in tech? From a business perspective?

Diversity in the workplace simply makes good sense. At Made to Engage we firmly believe that when you have both men and women combining their brainpower to resolve a particular challenge for a client, you’re much more likely to come up with brilliant and creative solutions! 


How diverse is the Made to Engage team? 

Just 17% of employees in the UK tech sector are women. At Made to Engage 28% of our staff are female but we need to keep working on raising it. We're proud that more than half of our female employees are in senior roles. There are many exciting career opportunities at Made to Engage and we want exceptional people – both women and men – to apply.  


How varied are the tech roles women perform at Made to Engage?

Across our three teams - Technical Delivery, Customer Experience Design and Digital - women play varied roles. Within the tech team alone, there are Epi-certified developers, Quality Assurance experts, .NET developers - and more in the pipeline! Women are also a key part of our senior management and leadership teams. We believe in helping women with industry experience to lead. 


What are some of the reasons fewer women than men enter the technology sector?

It starts at school, with studies showing the number of girls studying STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) subjects is 20% lower than boys. This effects the numbers entering tech, which is why I believe it’s key to start educating girls early. When I was at school, it wasn’t cool to be a nerd! Hopefully that’s changing now technology impacts almost every aspect of our lives. 


What can we do to encourage women to choose a career in tech? 

We focus on inclusion and collaboration and provide equal opportunities for everyone to advance their careers. We have a Graduate Academy to mentor university graduates and we’ve employed some fantastic young developers – both female and male - through that. We aim to educate young women on the dynamic, fun, supportive environment we offer. 


How can women be more visible in the tech industry?

Some of the women at Made to Engage have had a strong speaking presence at Women Techmakers events. These aim to highlight innovative female leaders in technology and inspire women to enter the sector. Diversity and inclusion are implicit in all we do at Made to Engage but I think we can do more to lead the conversation on it.


How can we help women develop their technology careers? 

When women re-enter the workforce after maternity leave and have childcare commitments, they often feel they can’t commit to the long hours and deadlines connected with the tech sector. At Made to Engage, we strive to support women with working from home, flexible hours, structured projects and planning. Women don’t realise the multitasking they do in their sleep is a great asset in a dynamic agency like ours!


What are the benefits of being a woman in tech?

Women at Made to Engage have a huge passion for tech including the latest IoT advancements. Women can be good listeners which means they take in clients’ needs and are good at sharing knowledge which is a core value at Made to Engage. In general, women can be good at relationships and building connections - in addition to possessing all the important technical skills required for success too!

Want to work at a company that encourages women in tech? Apply for one of our roles here today or send your CV to careers@madetoengage.com

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