15th August 2018

Made to Engage achieves multiple ISO Standards

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At Made to Engage we aim to work with the most innovative and ambitious organisations, who want to create exceptional digital experiences which deliver real value for their customers and audiences.

We aim to challenge the "standard" and exceed it through creative digital strategy and experience design; some of the world's leading technologies and a focus on delivering digital success. 

This month we've been recognised for our quality systems and process, information security and pursuit of continuous improvement with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditations.  


Accreditation and Recognition

Earlier this year we embarked on a journey to achieve accreditation for ISO standards 9001 - Quality Management System and 27001 - Information Security Management System. We did this to validate our existing processes and to formalise a core principle of continuous optimisation. We are now delighted to announce that following rigorous review we have been awarded accreditation against both standards. 

In order to achieve (and retain) these standards we've established a dedicated team across all areas of our business who have not only documented our existing processes but energised the wider team to optimise and enhance them, creating a new momentum to deliver continuous improvement. 


Standardising Creativity?

Applying a standardised process to achieve efficiency, quality and security may seem like it would stifle creativity and innovation within a digital agency but we believe it can achieve the opposite. We've designed a way of working, internally and with our clients, which embeds quality at evey point and stimulates effective collaboration and communication for the benefit of our team, our clients, their projects and their customers. 


Evolving Ways of Working

For over 6 years we have developed our team(s) and evolved our ways of working to find ways of creating increasing value for our customers. We aim to ensure that UX researchers, creative designers, technical architects and digital marketers can efficiently work together towards a common suite of objectives within a project, using their capabilities to deliver for our clients. This year, we've also invested in a fantastic technical infrastructure and working environment for our team members and those of our clients.

With the continued growth of our team, our customer base and an increasingly complex digital space we know we must continue to optimise all of our processes. We do all of this with a focus on delivering the highest quality digital solutions which blend the creativity to engage audiences and technical foundations to support interactions and transactions at scale. 


Achieving Digital Success

As we continue to grow our capability and footprint in the world of digital commerce and digital marketing platform delivery, we have an enhanced confidence in our ability to deliver the quality digital products and services that our clients have entrusted us to. But even more so, we know we've created the team and the processes to generate the creativity to make them fly.

Our partnership with Irish retailer, Eason, is a testament to how our approach to working can deliver digital success for ambitious organisations. In the video below, you can find out about the successful launch of Eason's new platform just in time for Christmas 2017.  


Talk to us about our ways of working and how they can help you achieve your digital success.


So, what are ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 standards?

Find out more about these internationally recognised standards:

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