16th June 2020

Experience. Design language

Over the last two decades the way our industry speaks has changed. Sometimes phrases mingle meaning. So, to avoid confusion before we talk about experience design - let’s agree terminology.

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read by Kashif Hasan

Customer Journey Design

By Customer Journey, we mean everything that happens behind the scenes to operationalise your service. Your people and the processes they follow and how they combine to create the service your customers' experience. And for clarity, when we say ‘customers’, we mean prospective as well as current.


User Journey Design

When we say User Journeys, we talk about the interactive steps your customers take when they choose to use your service. The User Journey is all about the customers’ point of view. What they're thinking and feeling. How well does teh interactive experiecen meet their needs? 



Your vision and the roadmap that gets you there should inspire and unite your customers and teams. When we talk about your Vision, we talk about all the things that must be true to:

  • Vividly bring your brand to life
  • Satisfy the needs of priority users
  • Deliver your business objectives
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Eliminate unnecessary pain points in the Customer Journey Design
  • Be achievable. A vision without a pragmatic roadmap, is a dream


Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

When we talk about CX Strategy we’re referring to the synthesis of both Customer Journey design and User Journey design – to deliver your Vision.



As you may know, Forrester’s CX Index reports that corporations who are leaders in Customer Experience Design outperform laggards by a significant margin. Therefore, an investment in CX excellence is an investment in shareholder value.

We have a process driven methodology to help you create a bespoke CX strategy for your business. This process can be sliced and diced to suit, running between 4 weeks to 6 months depending on where you are in the journey.  

If you’re on your way, good luck. If you want advice, let's talk. 

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