22nd June 2020

Hey developers! Website performance starts with you.

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read by Jeremy Brown

As everyone knows, website performance is important for user experience and SEO. It has the potential to affect your website's conversion rate, bounce rate and therefore the overall effectiveness of your website as a marketing or commerce tool. 

More often than not, this is left to design and marketing to take responsibility for - but not at MtE. Here, we all play our role in ensuring the site performance supports the efforts of our colleagues too.

So, here are my 5 top tips for developers looking to enhance their website performance: 

1. Use Cloudflare CDN

Here are some key features: 

  • Brotli compression
  • Browser caching TTL - set static content caching to 1 year 
  • Minification of JavaScript and CSS 


2. Lazy-load your images 

...and your videos!


3. Stop using jQuery 

That goes for any other bloated JavaScript libraries. Start writing vanilla JavaScript!


4. Optimise your images for web 

Don't leave this to your editors, if you're testing it - optimise it. Here's some tools to help:


5. Cache repetitive and expensive calls where the response does not frequently change


Other considerations and recommendations: 



Ready? We are

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