22nd June 2020

You say tomato, Episerver says トマト

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read by David Beattie

Developers have long tried to replicate the manual effort of site translation with technology. Most famously with Babelfish, the translator tool named for Douglas Adams’ aquatic life-form in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  The results were limited, with the software only able to return very literal translations, unable to grasp the intricacies of human speech.   

Many businesses will require a site which can reach markets in multiple territories and will require content tailored for all.  Translating content has traditionally been a time consuming and often costly proposition, requiring manual effort and a particular set of skills. 


The struggle was real, but…

Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have made this more viable.  Episerver has harnessed this with their Episerver Languages add on.* 

Once the package is installed this gives the option for a gadget to be displayed in the CMS, allowing editors to quickly create a copy of a content page in whichever languages are required. The content can then be translated. 


Enter Azure Cognitive Services…

Out of the box, this feature can connect to the Translator API on Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft’s suite of AI tools hosted on the cloud. 

Azure Cognitive services cover a wide variety of functionality, including language translation, speech transcription and image recognition and can be implemented by developers with no extensive machine-learning experience required.  

The Translator service can dynamically and accurately translate into over 60 different languages, with the free tier translating up to 2 million characters a month. 

The page can then be published by the editor or committed to an approval process as normal. 


Episerver, keepin' it cool

Of course, this is only one way of dealing with the challenges of producing a multi-lingual experience, but it is a very cool feature that demonstrates how well Episerver innovates and adapts to the latest technologies.  


*Episerver Languages add on - This is available as a nuget package on Episervers dedicated nuget feed, without any extra subscription costs and is a fully supported EpiServer product. 

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