02nd July 2020

Business-like, as usual

Whether your digital platform has been built for one market or many. B2B or B2C. Corporate communications or commerce. Your capex investment won't yield ROI unless there is a well structured operating investment in place. 

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read by Kashif Hasan

So to supercharge the investment you've already made - we think in terms of four streams of activity.    


1. Always-on Leadership 

Great outcomes demand focussed, proactive, intelligent always-on leadership. The world is moving too fast for anything else.  


2. Growth Optimisation 

Continuous data-driven iteration is essential to your success. You know your platform won't generate more demand or increase conversion all by itself. To compete, to differentiate, we must optimise each critical touchpoint all the time. So, if the data you're capturing isn't inpiring you to experiment with new ways to increase acquisition, engagement or conversion, you're probably measuring the wrong things. Let's fix that. 


3. Development and ALM 

As your business requirements evolve, it's normal to request changes, improvements and extensions to your platform. You want to make sure that when changes are made, your platform is gettting stronger and increasing in value. That's why having an efficient, predictable process for cataloguing, prioritising, and delivering these requests is such an important part of best-practice platform management. Our process is built on ITIL methodologies and these underpin our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) practice which also covers things like platform security, technical performance, debugging, problem management, code refactoring, systems architecture review, environment management, release management, license management and knowledge management

We want to empower you with the technology we build together - that's why we'll always look for low / no code solutions first - and do our best to make sure you're comfortable operating the controls after deployment. 


4. Incident Management

And fianlly, Incident Management. Think of it as road-side assistance for your digital platform. If you breakdown, we'll restore normal service asap day or night.  

This is BAU, as it should be. Get in touch to find out more. 

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