04th February 2021

Built on Empathy

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read by Sam Kirkpatrick

The inherent ability to see and appreciate things from the perspective of others is what we know as empathy: an emotional connection to an individual or group which enables us to detect what they may be thinking and feeling, grants us the capability to share in that and gives us the motivation to react accordingly and with positivity.

When making decisions about how we go about our work, we need to constantly monitor and consider how we will impact the people affected by our words and actions. Will their experience be smooth and trouble-free and can we avoid creating barriers which may hinder their aspirations or pose obstacles to achieving their ambitions?

Traditionally, web design and development are about having the greatest empathy for the customers of our customers - the audiences of the web solutions we build and services we deliver. But it can't start and stop there.

Empathy is a character trait - a mindset. Not simply a checkbox on a project plan. It pervades every layer of our interactions with colleagues, clients, and partners.

  • It drives our approach to defining internal processes as we aim to ensure our staff can deliver to the best of their ability and potential
  • It influences the way we grow our customer relationships as we seek to understand what you wish to offer your audience and how we can assist you in doing so
  • It acknowledges human diversity and vulnerability but provides a platform to define a shared focus and direction
  • It instils a determination to push through the inevitable challenges that come along on behalf of everyone involved

Some of the tangible ways our empathy can be recognised are close, iterative collaboration, strong communication and regular, consistent feedback.

If you're looking for an employer or partner who fundamentally understands themselves and will come to understand you, your environment and your goals, look for an empathetic one.


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