Manojan Panchalingam; Solutions Architect - Episerver

What's New With Episerver?

Episerver bring you the latest and greatest platform releases and announcements - including a glimpse of what's to come in 2018.

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Janaka Fernando; Head of Product Strategy - Engage

Eason's Challenge

In this session, Janaka discussed the challenges facing one of Engage's partners, Eason, when launching and developing their CMS & Commerce project.

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Tom Winstanley; UX Designer 

Designing the Personalised User Experience

In this session, Tom explored personalised experiences and how to ensure you only focus on the areas where it creates real value for your customers.

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Clare Geehan; Digital Strategist - Engage

Changing face of Digital Marketing

In this session, Clare examined the changing trends of digital marketing, what to expect in 2018 and what to do about it.

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Stephen Anderson; CTO - Engage

Technology for Digital Success

In this session, Stephen demnstrated some of the key changes we've implemented with Microsoft technologies this year to drive quality, efficiency and confidence.

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Jonathan Eustace; Cloud Lead - Microsoft

Microsoft Azure 

In this session, Jonathan discussed near future technology and trends from the perspective of Microsoft, and how to leverage these to better engage customers.

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Steven Limmer; Agile Practice Lead - Engage

The Bottom Line with Agile Engagement

Agile methods offer huge benefits to development and design teams, but in this session Steven explored the benefits of agile to your business performance. 

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Steven Cassin; Managing Director - Engage

Developing Our Digital Vision

Our success is built on yours. In this session, Steven discussed the power and the importance of developing a shared vision for your digital success.

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Panel Discussion with Thomas O'Brien (ptsb), Manojan Panchalingam (Episerver), Janaka Fernando (Engage) & Clare Geehan (Engage); hosted by Stephen Leathem & Colleen Bradley. 

Digital Threats -> Digital Opportunities

Harnessing the collective brains and experience in the room, we explored the greatest threats and opportunities we're going to face from 2018 and beyond. 

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