Project overview

Santa has a global reputation as the world’s leading toy distributor and has held the top spot for eons. However, following feedback Santa realised that things needed to change.

Santa’s mission was to give his existing traditional processes a digital makeover, resulting in streamlined data collection for elves and an optimised present delivery service on Christmas Eve.

Delivering a Magical Digital Christmas

Santa understood the hassle it caused parents around the world to make children hand-write letters with their kids, buy stamps and make the trip to the post box in wintery conditions. Coupled with the fact that most children prefer to use mobiles and tablets.

The world-renowned naughty-or-nice list also placed huge pressure on the Claus Inc. workforce. Santa needed a better way to monitor children’s behaviour throughout the year and warn parents when things looked like they were going wrong.

With spiralling fuel costs in recent years, Santa’s dependency on his red nosed friend to successfully navigate his way around the globe also needed a re-think.

The plan for Claus inc included;

Santa in the cloud

By migrating Santa to Microsoft Azure, he can now successfully scale up his efforts during his busiest season and save for presents throughout the year when things are quiet.

Kids who like this, really like this

An immersive new app allowing kids to select their present preferences using their own devices. Leveraging behavioural merchandising and machine learning, Episerver Personalisation enables the app to suggest presents based upon their browsing history and what’s popular in their neighbourhood.

A new chatbot helps to drive nice list success

Parents and kids get regular advice to make sure they don’t receive a bag of coal on Christmas morning. Social listening tools were deployed to track parents grumbling about bad children’s behaviour online – Santa is always watching!

Elf Centre Efficiencies

Post-Christmas, the chatbot allows naughty children to enquire and get feedback as to why their behaviour had led to then to having their gifts downgraded. This massively reduced elf-centre calls.

Apps the way

An internal Claus Inc app was developed for Santa to provide instant access to his naughty-or-nice list. Integration with Google Maps scheduled out Santa’s delivery route, saving on fuel and taking the pressure of Rudolph and his team.


This time it's personal

Personalised communication has seen huge levels of engagement through the chatbot, with no child currently trending to be on the dreaded naughty list.

Santa’s Journey Planner is estimating a reduction in overall delivery times – parents can expect Christmas Eve communication requesting additional cookies and milk for all the spare time Santa is hoping to have on his rounds.

The results

Online orders have been streaming in over the past few months – Santa and his elves have even managed to squeeze in a quick winter sun holiday for the first time ever.


The Future

Claus Inc. has identified that Christmas this year will be an extremely merry one.

An unexplained drop-off in customer engagement in the 15+ age group is a major concern for Santa and his elves but despite this it’s full steam ahead for Santa and Engage in 2018.