User experience (UX) design is about blending the business goals with the users’ needs. Your business goal may be to have a user complete a contact form, read a white paper or even purchase an item. What if the user doesn’t see a good reason to complete that goal? If the user doesn’t see a reason (benefit) to completing your business goal, they won’t, and what’s worse? They will likely move on to a competitor.

Delight your customers

How could you have prevented losing that customer? Answer: User experience design. 

User Experience Design

By investing in the UX process you will gain a greater insight into exactly who your users are and what they need and want. Until we know exactly what a user is looking for, we cannot cater to them. Users have problems, we have solutions; and more importantly, we have delightful solutions.

Delight is what happens when a site crosses from ‘good’ to ‘wow’. It is what will grab a user’s attention and make them want to return. The smallest moments can add to creating a delightful experience - easy to understand error messages, loading animations, a well thought out navigation and site map. Investing in UX means right from the start you are crafting an experience that is meaningful, intuitive, and targeted.

Save yourself some money

UX design can actually save you money, by saving you time and helping the team to work in the most efficient ways possible.

50% Reduction in dev time

Making changes to your site becomes more difficult, and more time consuming (read: expensive) the further down the line the changes are made. (Bias and Mayhew 1994.) By properly defining usability requirements upfront, we avoid discovering them halfway through a build and having to backtrack; thus, saving upwards of 50% on wasted development time. (MITX 2009.)

72% Cite user adoption as key

Up to 70% of projects fail. (Forrester Research 2008.) The main reason for this is lack of user acceptance and adoption. (NeoChange, Sandhill and the TSIA 2009.) By focusing on user needs, and seeking user feedback (early and often), you can increase your chances of successful acceptance and adoption.

83% Gain

User experience design is good for your business. The average improvement in business metrics after a usability redesign is 83%. (Neilsen, Jakob 2008.) UX design is an affordable way to see a marked and measurable improvement in your website.

See the results

The proof is in the pudding as they say, and we have to agree. A major part of our redesign for Travel Department included full UX design. We knew we wanted to create a meaningful change in Travel Department’s market and service offerings, and doing this required a lot of research and dedication to the UX process. Travel Department’s team worked closely with us throughout the process and it was a great success.

To get us to the point that we could start considering design, we first needed to know whom we were designing for;

  • We started by generating personas to represent Travel Department’s existing and new markets.
  • Next, we designed the site’s information architecture and then verified that architecture with tree-testing.
  • By using Travel Department’s actual users we knew our results would provide valid and important data. Those results were invaluable in helping us determine any changes that needed to be made before any code was added to a page, thus saving time and money up front. Once the architecture had been determined we moved through to the wireframing and then on to design and development.


300% Increase in checkout

50% Increase in booking

The resulting redesign of the Travel Department system offers customers an easier way to find, plan and book the holiday they want. 


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