It’s official: Made to Engage is the only UK agency recognised as having the expertise to deliver the full suite of Episerver specialisms!

For us, it’s acknowledgment of the unparalleled success we’ve achieved for our clients over the past seven years with Episerver's technology – and we’re incredibly proud.

Made to Engage has been a trusted Episerver partner since 2012 and we’ve been delivering outstanding customer experiences for clients in Europe ever since. Our Episerver experience is unique: we're an Episerver Premium Partner, currently ‘Partner of the Year’ and now the only UK partner with proven expertise in all five of Episerver’s core capabilities. These are: 

  • Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) - delivering the tools needed through a scalable, secure and high-performance platform-as-a-service approach 
  • Episerver Commerce - combining commerce and content on one screen to drive results, with market-leading ROI
  • Episerver Personalisation - driving conversion through individualised experiences across all touchpoints
  • Episerver CMS - a single environment for content management and digital marketing activity, managing desktop, mobile & social media output
  • Episerver Campaign - providing marketers with the tools to orchestrate powerful omni-channel campaigns 

Our Episerver expertise is unparalleled     

Recognition for each specialism is based on the number of successful projects delivered, the level of knowledge within the team and customer satisfaction.

At Made to Engage, our expertise is unmatched. Our team is among the best in Europe, delivering seamless integrations, commerce builds, CMS solutions and personalisation services. With one of the largest Episerver certified teams in the UK, every project will have certified developers meshed into the team.

As an Episerver Premium Partner, we can help build, design and optimise your Episerver experience or Episerver DXC implementation. Our dedicated team of digital strategists, customer experience designers and developers will collaborate to ensure your customer experience is built and designed to exceed expectations and meet your business goals.

But building a personalised digital experience is only the first step. After going live, our customer engagement team will help you test and optimise your Episerver experience to drive the best conversion rates in the shortest time possible. 

Our Episerver clients are leading organisations

We are uniquely positioned to partner with B2B and B2C organisations and have experience in delivering world-class experiences across industries including retail, finance, utilities and more.

With these integral Episerver capabilities, we partner with ambitious organisations to significantly improve customer experience, including:

1. Eason & Son Ltd

75% revenue uplift, one platform, one month 

One of the first implementations of the full Episerver suite in the world. We used capabilities including Episerver Commerce, CMS and Personalisation to deliver an exceptional data-driven experience for the leading book retailer, which uplifted revenue by 75% during the January sales 2017. With this and many other successful projects, we were delighted to be named Episerver’s Premium Partner Of The Year.

2. Henderson Foodservice

Delivered seamless ordering for busy customers

We used Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) and Commerce to deliver a data-driven solution with real-time pricing for the Henderson Foodservice customer, boosting the number of customers making repeat orders by 45%. Within the first 90 days of implementation, the average order value rose by 15%.

3. Power NI

Supporting 600,000 homes and businesses

We partnered with Power NI to build a new customer experience and energy portal using Episerver Content Management Systems (CMS). Customers were given more control of their energy accounts, leading to a 30% rise in repeat visitors and a 50% increase in conversion rates. It increased customers requesting to switch to Power NI from other providers by 86%. 

4. Hornby Hobbies

Bringing a transformative strategy to an iconic brand

We’re currently working with Hornby Hobbies to craft an exceptional commerce experience using core Episerver platforms. We have a vision for a truly unified commerce approach, including tailored product recommendations to support the future success of these incredible brands.  

5. Bord Bia

Delivering the freshest promotional campaigns 

We have implemented Episerver Campaign to empower the Irish Food Board’s marketing campaigns, delivering personalised email marketing that ensures every customer feels like a valued customer. We now continue to work with Bord Bia to consolidate their web infrastructure, developing their content marketing suite with Episerver CMS.

Interested to know more about how Episerver can build your digital presence? 

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