It's been an exciting few months in the world of our partner Episerver!

Just this week, the Episerver team announced they are in the process of acquiring B2B commerce leader Insite Software. This news comes hot on the heels of Episerver’s November 2019 purchase of content personalisation and analytics company Idio, and its recent hiring of SAP executive Alex Atzberger as CEO. We're looking forward to this next chapter of growth with the Episerver team. But what does it mean for Episerver customers?

Episerver acquires Insite

Let’s start with the Episerver acquisition of Insite Software, which is likely to be transformative for B2B commerce brands. A leading provider of digital commerce solutions built for manufacturers and distributors, Insite is recognised as a Leader in The Forrester Wave for B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018. 

What Epi’s customers can expect:

  • Insite Software helps businesses transform through its purpose-built solutions, deep domain expertise, and focus on customer success and collaboration
  • It provides a fully integrated B2B e-commerce platform, product information management (PIM), analytics, mobile and product catalogue solutions as well as ERP integrations
  • Combining Insite’s best-in-class commerce capabilities with Episerver’s leading Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform creates a complete B2B solution second-to-none

The power of Insite Software is clearer when you consider that 57 per cent of B2B leaders say their ecommerce sites are held back by resistance to new technologies. Episerver, combined with Insite, empowers companies to take the next step in creating customer-centric experiences that grow the brand and uncover new revenue.

Episerver acquires Idio

Previously, Episerver purchased Idio, a content personalisaton and analytics platform. Idio does a great job of using predictive analytics technology to predict which content will best serve the customer based on real-time customer behaviour. The acquisition is designed to accelerate the analytics and personalisation roadmap for the Episerver Digital Experience Platform and address emerging customer expectations.

What Epi’s customers can expect:

  • Through real-time predictive analytics, Idio can predict the intent of each individual buyer to help deliver hyper-relevant content to each customer
  • Idio also indexes and categorizes content data into a structured content hub to help deliver relevant one-to-one buyer experiences across digital channels
  • No integration is required for Episerver customers

As an Episerver Premium Partner, the Made to Engage team is looking forward to building on the foundation that Episerver has laid to bring these powerful new capabilities to our clients.

Here's what the Made to Engage team have to say...

"Insite is an interesting acquisition as it has been a direct competitor to Episerver's Commerce offering, especially with American customers.  The likelihood is that Insite will continue to operate as a separate company for some time, while Episerver will begin to incorporate its best features into the complete product offering."

- Janaka Fernando, Head of Product Strategy & EMVP

"Both these acquisitions are extremely exciting as a marketer and a strategist. Building on the market-leading platform capabilities that Episerver already offer, these additions to the portfolio will allow us to do much more in the delivery of exceptional experiences to our clients and their customers.

The art of creating these individual experiences, while platform capabilities have enabled us to do more, is still a somewhat manual-heavy task. The level of automation Insite Software brings to the B2B commerce market means we can create better experiences, achieve better results and build stronger relationships. The granularity that the Idio acquisition brings to understanding user priorities will drive our abilities to deliver 1:1 personalised interactions and the results this level of activity brings.

It's a very exciting time to be an Episerver Partner!"

Clare Geehan, Digital Strategist 


If you’re interested in learning about how these acquisitions could elevate your customer experience, please contact us here.