Last week we attended Episerver’s flagship event – Ascend, in Las Vegas, to uncover what lies ahead for our favoured CMS and Commerce platform.


Steven Cassin, Managing Director and Janaka Fernando, Head of Product Strategy packed their bags and headed for the City of Lights for 4 days of tech talks led by some of the brightest minds in the world of Episerver and digital.

Joining over 600 professionals, the Vegas strip was home for the week along with many leading digital implementors, agencies, technologists and Episerver clients taking up their seats in the Aria Convention Centre.




Kicking things off was Episerver’s CMO and VP of Strategy James Norwood in a very impressive keynote opening, detailing some of the recent successes of the platform. A firm and very welcoming nod of recognition was sent our way with a detailed account of the success of Eason, reshaping an iconic Irish brand into a strong digital leader, pioneering innovation for many other companies to look towards.

The customer experience is always right

With many conversations flowing around delivering exceptional customer experiences, it was confirmation that Episerver’s capabilities are at the forefront, going well beyond simply a CMS and Commerce platform – with hints towards its future potential.

Looking back on the key moments over the past 12 months, one thing was clear; the importance of  delivering exceptional experiences through building a customer centric platform.

Understanding the impact of personalisation from its application across many of our projects, it was interesting to find out about the deeper levels of reactive landing pages in the pipeline. Continuing to drive intelligent commerce to enhance the customer experience, future releases promise more intuitive real-time reporting with greater flexibility surrounding on-site browsing.

(In case you didn’t know, that’s the kind of stuff that gets us excited!)


Driving innovation in the fields of immersive retailing and product showcasing, a significant theme from the event was bridging the divide between on-line and in-store browsing.

New releases are working to advance the product roadmap through the application of location-based tracking. With more fluidity between online and offline – a topic at the centre of many discussions in recent years – it was a sign of how the sector is playing their part in building omnichannel experiences. Delivering on results, rather than speculating around them.

Time to shine!

Our team took to the stage, telling the story behind Eason’s transformation and the full-stack integration at its core. We documented the sustained success of the digital platform in the months following its implementation. We also gave a glimpse of the opportunities lying ahead as a result of Eason’s newly leveraged market-position, offering our audience a preview of the next stage of developments to ensure our story would endure - lit up by the dazzling Vegas lights.

Across the whole conference, the guys made a lot of valuable connections from all over the globe. A special word of thanks to Episerver for putting on the event and recognising an opportunity to pool together such a huge number of specialist minds in one setting.

“You can’t unknow, what you know”

We have already started to align what we have learnt across our clients’ challenges to continue to go beyond what digital agencies deliver through strictly online platforms.

Drawing inspiration from features discussed in Episerver Insight (currently in BETA) our teams have began implementing the key takeaways to a number of our clients, making sure they retain their strong foothold in their markets as the emerging technology continues to be rolled out this year.


In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing deeper insights into exemplary customer experience and what’s required to accelerate innovation.


To stay ahead in the game, take a look at the Eason case study we featured at Ascend. Download the full version and we’ll keep you informed.