Power NI, a loyal attendee of the Balmoral Show wanted to try something different this year.

We worked in collaboration with them to create an innovative interactive experience for consumers that would act as a point of engagement as well as offer valuable information around energy and cost savings with Power NI. In keeping with this year's “A lifetime of lighting up lives” theme, our aim is to be with the consumer every step of the way, at each milestone in their life.

The Power Playlist app encouraged consumers to sign up with an email address and choose their own energy, power and light related song within a jukebox like interface. The Power NI stand played the consumer curated playlist throughout the whole day.

Power Playlist

The Power Prize Quiz was a fun and light-hearted competition through which the consumer could find out how to save energy at home. According to the score, the consumer was ranked as a super energy efficient squirrel, an easy-going energy sheep or a lazy energy sapping sloth. Motivation to complete the quiz was the chance of winning a year’s free electricity or a home energy makeover!

With an expected footfall of around 90,000 people, this was a great opportunity for Power NI to reach out to the consumer and establish a communication touch point through an engaging experience. 

Check out Power Ni's latest Relax campaign,  and be in with the chance of winning £1000.