At Made to Engage, we've known for quite some time that our Head of Product Strategy Janaka Fernando is the absolute best at leveraging innovative Episerver solutions for our clients - so we couldn't be more excited that he's been awarded the highly coveted Episerver Most Valued Professional (EMVP) title!


Congratulations Janaka! This title highlights the exceptional talent of Janaka in delivering first-class Episerver strategy and direction to our clients, but also the expertise of the wider team of Epi-certified developers at Made to Engage who benefit from his incredible training. 

And as EMEA Partner Of The Year For Digital Experience, it strengthens Made to Engage's position as a frontrunner in relevant Episerver solutions even further. 

We think it's an extraordinary achievement!

  • Worldwide, there are only 46 other technology experts that can call themselves EMVPs.
  • It is given only to the most passionate and talented members of the Episerver community.
  • It's how our partner Episerver recognise and thank their most active contributors.

But what does our Episerver expert Janaka think? We asked him what it means to be an EMVP – and what the benefits are for our clients. 

Congratulations once again Janaka! What exactly is an EMVP?

It is, in Episerver's words, "an elite group of industry experts".  EMVPs are individuals who've contributed to the community, made people better aware of Episerver and been active in talks, discussions or presentations. I regularly share my knowledge and experience with our clients like Eason, my colleagues, and the wider Episerver community.

How did you qualify for this title?

There’s a selection process every year. It’s important to show that you’re very involved with the community, spending time giving talks, organising conferences and writing blogs. There are only a handful of new EMVPs each year - this year there were just three of us.

How does the title EMVP mean for clients?

The EMVP award enables me to get first access to early beta programmes and product information from Episerver teams. This improves my understanding of the products roadmap coming from Episerver and helps drive decision-making in our client projects.

What does the EMVP award mean to you?

I feel privileged to be recognised by Episerver for my contributions and extremely honoured to receive this award. Having worked with - and educated - Made to Engage's developers and clients on Epi technology for seven years it feels like I've finally ‘levelled up’ in reaching this new status.

What should we expect from you in the future?

This is not a one-off award and I need to maintain it for 2020. I’ll continue to speak about Episerver products and the fantastic work we’ve been doing at Made to Engage. And I’ll be getting involved even more deeply with the developer community and customer events to ensure everyone knows about and is using the product suite to the best of its abilities.

What would you like to ask Janaka about Episerver? Contact him here or check out his latest blog posts on Episerver World

We're off to do a victory lap of the office!