Every day, we learn a little bit more about the people we work with. In June, we learned that there’s a group of individuals at Made to Engage who have no fear… and if they do, they hide it pretty damn well. 

Our sponsored charity of 2018 is Mencap, an organisation we admire and are incredibly proud to have the opportunity to work with and support. We’d do just about anything for Mencap, including (but not limited to) jumping out of a plane!  

On June 23rd we sent (from left to right) Steven Cassin, Peter Bennington, David McKeown and Dee Jardine to the skies, in the hope they’d brave the jump - they accepted the challenge, taking on ambitious fundraising targets individually and as a team, and exceeding all our expectations.  Watch Dee in action (we took the sound out, it was very high-pitched)!

We’re pleased to say they landed safely on the ground, smiling from ear to ear and eager to do it all over again! We’re even more pleased to say they raised £5K through their fundraising efforts, team events and from donations from family and friends.  


So, what’s next for Made to Engage and Mencap?

Well, we’re not quite jumping out of planes, but two of our team are abseiling down the Europa on 2nd September. 
Good luck to those involved! Our advice? Don’t look down!