When my close friend and former Engage designer, Paul McNally shared his idea for the 5 Things brand I let him know how great an idea I thought it was. Over a few beers (as is usually the case) ideation got into full swing. This week, just over 1 year later Paul is approaching his Kickstarter target of £8,500 at pace. Many of his great ideas then are coming to fruition now and it's great to see - I know how much hard work, and dedication it has taken. 

5 things book

I've been lucky enough to see early designs and we can all see from the promo material just how great the book will be. This explains the many social endorsements it's received over the last week or two, including an approach from BBC Arts Show & Kickstarter themselves selecting the project as a staff pick and inclusion in their weekly newsletter which reportedly has a recipient list somewhere in the region of 4 million! Not to mention Hodor (actor and DJ Kristian Nairn) himself throwing his might weight behind it. 

Paul is Creative Director at Paul McNally Deign, branding consultant and a part-time lecturer from Northern Ireland. The Five Things phenomena was born after becoming the focus of Paul’s master’s degree in Multidisciplinary Design through which he developed a particular fascination for the world around us. The book shares Places, gadgets, and people in our daily lives that we attach meaning to for whatever reason and deem them “our favourite things.”

5 things book

Inspired by the Five Things Website created and curated by Paul, The Five Things Book is a design-led, typographic book; revealing over 100 people's five favourite things; along with the stories behind why they love each thing. This coffee table book contains many amazing graphic designers, writers, musicians and loads of other talented people.

The book contains many notable industry leaders from the fields of graphic design, photography, art and music. Including Adrian Shaughnessy, Debbie Millman, Hamish Muir, Jessica Hishce, Dan Rubin, Kristian Nairn and loads more.

Having decided The Five Things deserved a more traditional self-published book format, Paul identified Kickstarter as the community based platform that would enable him to launch and fund the book.

With a target of £8500 to publish, The Five Things Book is nearing success with an incredible current total of £7,192 (at time of writing). Why not help Paul and treat yourself to a beautiful and interesting piece of artwork by backing the Five Things project on Kickstarter or why not submit your five things to the web project by simply completing the Five Things form.

We can’t wait for our copy of The Five Things book to land and we wish Paul every success with the Five Things project in the future!

P.S. I'm currently very tempted to add this print to the office collection...

 music print