Our partner Episerver is continuously adding great new updates that enhance customer experience and help our clients compete. Here, our Head Of Product Strategy and Episerver EMVPJanaka Fernando, gives a round-up of updates to the suite and what it all means…


Deeper personalisation

We’re looking forward to updates within Episerver Insight that will provide more practical ways of targeting and personalising content to visitors from customer segments. Customer cluster filters in Epi Insight allow us to build dynamic customer lists which can drive personalisation in the CMS or target Campaign recipients. The upcoming ability in Insight to create custom UI filters will really take the product to the next level for both partners and customers.

Improvements to commerce

There’s a whole range of new screens for customer service representatives (CSR) coming soon to Episerver Commerce as well as an extensible Reporting Suite which the Made to Engage team can customise for individual retailers. Customer service teams that are still using the older, clunky Commerce Manager will be in for a treat with the modern UI being developed by Epi. The feature is currently in beta with more updates in 2019. Commerce reporting is another feature that hasn’t been updated for a while, but that is about to change.

Episerver’s roadmap includes a developer extensible API to create your own custom reports. There is also the ability to customise your own data exports to Power BI, which is normally the suggestion we give customers today.

Dynamic content delivery

Episerver is expanding its offering to focus on content delivery. Expect more applications in the future that utilise Episerver CMS for the delivery of an aggregation of multiple sources of content. Coupled with the headless hybrid approach of the Content Delivery API, Episerver is positioned to be a great place to manage content with the ability to serve content to other sources such as native mobile apps, PWA or other third-party systems.

Enriching experiences 

The Episerver CMS will have more reference architecture around modern JavaScript frameworks like Vue, Angular and React. While the Episerver application itself will remain in Dojo.js most JavaScript developers favour modern frameworks. Episerver has recently released a music festival style reference site built in Vue.js which can be downloaded from GitHub. Episerver has made recent mark-up changes available to enable the Editor UI to work with single page applications (SPA) and Progressive web apps (PWA) that deliver richer interactive experiences.

More updates to come…

At Made to Engage we will continue to keep our knowledge fresh and improve our Episerver offering in the year ahead.

A great change for us coming soon will be the ability to push these new features and functionalities directly to production for all of our Episerver DXC customers. 

As Episerver's EMEA Partner Of The Year, we work with our clients to keep them up-to-date on the Episerver Roadmap 2020 and the latest from Ascend.