At Made to Engage we’re consistently helping major retailers create faster, smarter, better-connected omnichannel experiences. Here our Data Analytics Specialist Carly O’Kane explains how we delivered an integrated platform solution for our client, Irish bookseller Eason, that enabled them to use their unique data to improve their customer experience, shorten time-to-value and drive online sales upward.  

Ready to harness the power of your data like Eason? Talk to us today to learn how we can help you build a faster path to omnichannel commerce success with Episerver and Dynamics 365 integrations.

We all understand the power of good data. We know our smartphones can optimise our sleep patterns and our public spaces can track our vehicles to create more efficient traffic movement. As a retailer, you’re no doubt already looking at data to radically transform your big vision based on insights into how people behave and what motivates them.   

The trouble is businesses are often unsure about what to do with all their data. At Made to Engage, we’re helping organisations capitalise on the data they have by crafting data-driven experiences. We’re making this a reality by connecting Episerver and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create omnichannel experiences that enable brands to make headway with their sales quickly.

One of the industries most affected by the data revolution has been retail. When leading Irish bookseller Eason approached us in 2017, they had a largely one-way relationship with their customers. They identified new books or toys that 'would sell' and brought them to their customers through a crafted online experience.

Our experienced development team leveraged Eason’s unique customer data to enable a two-way relationship between the bookseller and their customers. We created a solution that used real-time metrics to drive personalisation for Eason in the form of automated product recommendations based on customer preferences. Our work led to a 30% uplift in online sales for the retailer during the Christmas period of 2018.

Now, we’re continuing to work with Eason to combine user data with new technologies like machine learning systems to build customer segments across all marketing channels and help customers better engage with products online.

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