The Irish Greyhound Board have been working with Engage on EPiServer CMS projects for a number of years and more recently have been working with our Digital Success Team on digital marketing activity with the aim of driving consumers to and converting these visits by engaging with new and existing customers, building relationships and increasing stadium bookings.

‘Summer 2015 presented a prime opportunity for us to work with IGB’s marketing team to deliver an integrated campaign using a "right channelling" approach.’

Summer 2014 had seen a drop in footfall to stadiums and so we recognised the need for a major marketing campaign to re-engage existing customers and attract new customers. By looking at what was unique about summer and how we could link this to IGB's product we were able to identify our target markets; people looking to enjoy the long summer nights and families looking for activities to entertain children who were off school.

This allowed us to create an integrated campaign with a fresh approach with the ability to be consistent in message and yet personalised for each of IGB’s 9 stadiums. The result was our summer campaign straplines ‘Summer nights at the dogs are full of fun!’ and ‘Bring the pups to a night at the dogs!’

IGB family campaign

The key aims of the summer campaign were to:

  • Increase footfall at participating stadiums during summer months by 10%
  • Increase online bookings by 50% supporting an already busy call centre
  • Increase brand awareness harnessing the power of offline and online channels
  • Increase social reach and engagement by: 10% growth in social media fans and 4,000 offer claims
  • Increase visits to the website by 100%

The summer 2015 campaign began on Friday 29th May 2015, in order to capitalise on the Bank Holiday weekend, and ran until the 31 August 2015.

We used an integrated marketing ‘right channelling’ approach that was customised for our target audiences and tailored to the customer lifecycle. A strategy was written outlining how we would:

  • Deliver the right message
  • Feature the right Value Proposition (product, service or experience)
  • With the right tone
  • At the right time or context
  • With the right frequency and interval
  • Using the right media/communication channels with the aim of achieving the right balance of value between IGB and their customers.

The vision of the strategy was to reach our target markets, convert website visitors into bookings and build loyalty through relationship marketing and we achieved this by:


  • Geo targeted advertising (Social and PPC)
  • Email marketing to existing customer lists
  • Social media marketing and audience growth
  • Banner advertising
  • Radio advertising


  • Website optimisation
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Customer marketing automation


  • User generated content during visits to the stadium, social media check-ins, hashtag usage
  • After visit relationship marketing

When the summer campaign came to an end the success of the strategy was clear to see. The months of June, July and August saw an average growth of visits to the website of 232% when compared to the same period in 2014.

Online bookings increased by 95% resulting in a 56% increase in revenue when compared with the same period last year. August 2015 saw the largest amount of online bookings since 2012 and branded search terms and direct traffic contributed to 23% of all traffic in campaign months.

The monthly email marketing reached 50,000 recipients a month resulting in an average open rate of 21% and an average click through rate of 1.35%. During this time IGB's email database grew by 14% increasing their customer CRM for future campaigns and monthly newsletters.

Social media fans also increased by 15% across Facebook and Twitter during the summer campaign.

The results from the summer campaign speak for themselves and clearly indicate the power of a clear campaign strategy that identifies your audience and achieves your objectives.

Top Tips

This campaign gave us some top tips for taking advantage of digital marketing and making it work for your business and KPIs.

  1. Integration is key - A multi channel approach was key to the campaign success. Better results are achieved when offline and online marketing work together. 
  2. Customer data is crucial - Ensure that customer information is stored and built upon.
  3. Map radio and TV schedules with PPC adverts for maximum impact. 
  4. Ensure that offline and online creative look and feel is consistent. 
  5. Use email to build loyalty with existing customer and social media to engage customers before, during and after their purchase.  
  6. For small companies try Facebook advertising, we found this a cost effective way to drive sales using Facebook offers, geo targeting and advertising to friends of fans.

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