Both our Head Of QA Kerrie Egan and our Senior Developer Paul McGann have opted for flexible working at Made to Engage. But their decisions haven’t hindered their technology career ambitions one bit.

We sat them down for a chat to find out the benefits of flexible working and how they are still advancing their careers.


Hours that help employees thrive

“I recently became a dad and I'm fortunate that Made to Engage has supported my role," says Paul. "Being present in Toby's life from the beginning is a priority for me so I have a fixed weekly work from home day. This doesn't mean I'm not expected to perform to a high standard. But as a Technical Team Lead, my managers trust me to guide a project towards success.”

"I worked full-time previously and as a mum of three to Alex, Sam and Violet, I was finding it difficult to arrive home at 6pm and do three lots of homework, get dinner ready and prepare packed lunches," says Kerrie. "I was pleased when Made to Engage made it clear they trusted my expertise as a senior, experienced tester to do the role in part-time hours."

Career advancement

So how has flexible working affected their career evolution?

“I joined Made to Engage in a senior role as Head Of QA in 2018,” says Kerrie. “But as a part-timer I've had to develop more efficient ways of working. I've become more disciplined and I pack more into my working hours. I've also taken on major responsibilities such as growing out the QA team and skilling them up in automation."

“I've definitely progressed in the five years I've been here," says Paul. "I’ve moved up from a .Net Developer to a Senior Developer and now I'm a Team Lead, managing six developers. My career is where I always imagined it would be – a clear indicator that at Made to Engage it’s possible to achieve career growth while working flexibly."

Supporting growth 

"Made to Engage has really supported my career progression by allowing me to attend training and key events, and supporting me to attain Episerver, Silverpop, Copernica and Microsoft certifications," says Paul. "I’m now focusing on raising the quality of our solutions even further and improving my team’s grasp of new technologies to help them progress their careers.”

"It's a very supportive work environment here," says Kerrie. "I recently gave a speech to almost 300 people at a Women Techmakers event. In order to help me prepare, my colleagues listened to my talk, offered advice and even attended on the day. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to do it and I'm grateful for all the support."

Social impact

“We have an incredible CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team who organise abseiling, marathon running and other events for charity," says Paul. "Most recently, I achieved a personal ambition to run 100 km in a month through the CSR team. It felt great and it was brilliant to raise money for Mencap."

"Being part-time, I have the energy to pursue hobbies outside of work like running, the gym and learning to play guitar," says Kerrie. "This helps me to approach my work with a clear head and means I feel more engaged and energetic in the office."

Diversity programme

Both Kerrie and Paul see flexible working as part of Made to Engage's drive for greater diversity, which they fully support.  

“Made to Engage is supportive of people with different aspirations," adds Paul. "There shouldn't be a stigma around men working flexibly. I'm proud that it enabled my wife and I to achieve more balance with our childcare. It makes the company an appealing place to work because you can concentrate on producing quality work."

“There are very few families now in which both parents aren't working," notes Kerrie. "Companies have a wider responsibility to help employees with families achieve balance - if they don't become more flexible, they won't retain experienced people. I'm pleased that Made to Engage understood that. I love being in the office because it's a great team and a great vibe!" 

Both Kerrie and Paul have achieved their personal ambitions at Made to Engage and embraced all that the company can offer our employees. Read more about our available roles and discover how you can grow your career with us.