In today’s competitive market in which the value of lasting customer relationships continues to rise, understanding the priorities of a user may be the best way to help a business stand out. Here, we speak to our Head Of Digital Strategy Stephen Gillespie and our Principal UX Designer Joe McCarroll about how Made to Engage enables B2B and B2C organisations to accelerate their customer experience (CX) return on investment.                       

Why does good user experience (UX) design matter? How can businesses use it to step ahead?

Joe: It’s crucial for businesses to think 'customer first' and adopt user-centred design practices that solve genuine user problems. We help our clients to step ahead by listening to their customers throughout the product development lifecycle. I love seeing the positive impact this brings for clients. It's exciting to know we’ve designed a product that's user-centred throughout.

Stephen: User experience is all about competitive advantage. A business solution has to be the easiest to find, the simplest to interact with and the easiest to support and maintain to stand out in today’s market. Our processes are attuned to understanding key competitive points for clients and ensuring we deliver through the architecture and design of relevant products. 

What is customer experience (CX) and why is it important? 

Joe: The solutions we craft show an understanding of all the interactions a customer has with a business. Unlocking this insight is often the key to understanding how best to design a solution which meets the needs of customers. It’s important to understand the ecosystem a client's customers are living in if we want to deliver something they'll find useful.

Stephen: We often focus on UX but increasingly in the world of commerce it’s the global customer view that matters. The interactions an organisation has with its customers can be across multiple channels, sometimes simultaneously. Increasingly, we’re helping clients mould digital experiences that fit into a broader ecosystem. Find out more about the future of customer experience here

What is Made to Engage’s approach to CX?

Joe: We ask the right questions, listen to the customer and work as a multi-disciplinary team to develop products which meet the needs of the audience. We pride ourselves in maintaining a user-centred approach not just through research and design but into development and testing. We focus on igniting a customer experience mindset across all the teams.

Stephen: We understand where the key competitive advantage lies for clients and we make those interactions as valuable as possible. Right now, we're working with a B2B client selling under three brands to some well-informed customers. We’re helping that client to understand who the customers think they’re buying from and channelling those insights into building a better product. 

What do today’s customers look for?

Joe: Customers demand a fast and intuitive experience that offers what they want, when they want it. If a digital experience falls below expectation it can often be unredeemable. We're part of setting that standard at Made to Engage. 

Stephen: Customers have had their expectations largely set by commodities they don’t pay for. AI-driven tools like Google or LinkedIn give us increasingly tailored experiences that have strong user experiences and deliver content that’s relevant for each person. These tools are setting our expectations of what’s good and it’s vital organisations keep pace with customer wants. 

What is the essence of a great customer experience? 

Joe: One that makes you return.

Stephen: Getting to what you want quickly. For example, if I’m in a department store, I can ask the shop assistant if a product is in stock or I can get my phone out and reach a supplier who will have it in my house by 2pm the next day. Hassle-free customer interactions are no longer a delightful extra, they’re expected. 

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