At Made to Engage, we’re hiring developers with varied skills who are willing to continuously learn and grow - like our Developer Jeremy Brown. Jeremy came from a role working with Umbraco and wanted to build his skills and make delivering innovative work for major clients a key part of his career. He seized the opportunity to join Made to Engage and change his focus to Episerver.

Since then, Jeremy has taken every opportunity to learn all he can about the technology. In doing so, he's been able to roll up his sleeves and deliver first-class Episerver solutions that help our clients to grow their capabilities. We look forward to helping Jeremy to advance his career well into the future. Here, he tells the story of his move to Episerver. 

Starting my Made to Engage journey

When I joined Made to Engage in June 2018, I was attracted by its ambition and success. Working here, I am surrounded by a talented team of Episerver-certified developers. Initially, coming into the organisation with no experience of the platform felt daunting. 

Previously, I had been working with Umbraco v7 for two years and loved it - but this opportunity came up and it was a no-brainer. I made the jump and found myself in an agency with deep technical expertise, delivering Enterprise-level solutions. I had previous experience with all the fundamentals with MVC, GIT and deployments but now I'm applying my skills to deliver advanced technical solutions for leading organisations with: 

  • Azure DevOps
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Technical designs and planning – writing user stories and creating web sequence diagrams
  • Test driven development

Umbraco vs Episerver

There are quite a few similiarities between Umbraco and Episerver. If you're developing Umbraco solutions using proper software development fundamentals then you'll have no problem getting to the next level using Episerver. Episerver is more than a CMS, it's a 'digital experience platform' with a full suite of products including: 

  • Episerver Commerce
  • Episerver Find
  • Episerver Insights
  • Episerver Campaign
  • Episerver Personalisation

When you move from Umbraco to an Enterprise-level platform, you'll get additional advanced features like Visitor Groups, Personalisation, Recommendations and Episerver Profile Store which gives you features like Visitor Segments. There's a lot that comes out of the box with Episerver CMS including scheduled jobs, projects, import/export content to name just a few. 

Advantages for Enterprise-level businesses 

Episerver is built to handle content on an industrial scale. It makes version control and deployments easier for the Developer as it is built code-first rather than saving Document Types to the database. With Episerver, you aren't relying on external dependencies and the risks that come with that.

Useful Episerver resources 

Made to Engage is a technology-driven agency with a pool of very experienced and talented Epi-certified developers including our Head Of Product Strategy and EMVP Janaka Fernando. As Episerver's EMEA Partner Of The Year For Digital Experience 2019, there's a great support network and we can schedule calls with the Episerver team on any issues. The best way for developers to get started with Episerver is to download the Visual Studio Extension and play around with Alloy Template. 

Here are some blogs that help me understand how to get the best out of Episerver: 

There are other useful blogs out there from Episerver MVPs to highly-skilled Epi Developers featuring tutorials and advice. 

So should you make the jump? 

For any ambitious Umbraco Developers out there, you should have no issue making the shift to Episerver development. If you wish to work with cutting-edge technologies, developing Enterprise-level solutions using best practice on a platform that keeps pace with modern developer expectations, I would highly recommend you make the jump! 

Are you an ambitious developer who is eager to push the boundaries of Episerver and other technologies? Made to Engage is looking for innovative people like you. Explore our available positions here.