Episerver have announced the eagerly awaited release of Episerver 7.5 CMS agile content marketing for todays’ marketers.

The updated platform provides marketers with the ability to take greater control of their content, allowing them to produce and replicate relevant content across a variety of channels and best suit it for the device on which it is being consumed. Episerver 7.5 CMS enables marketers to move from broadcast mode to a more personalised and human-to-human like communication which adds value to customer interactions, every day and across multiple touch-points.

With Episerver 7.5 CMS marketers have the ability to:

  • Produce and replicate content so it’s suited for the channel and device it is being consumed on – across screens and channels from the mobile web to social media and beyond.
  • Improve and optimise communication to end-users across channels to create a more human interaction between the consumer and marketer.
  • Integrate content and commerce allowing the customer to scale and extend as they need to better optimise their online experience.
  • Empower the business user, not only from managing and working with content, but also from being able to directly impact what new functionality they want to add to extend their online presence through the Add-on Store.
  • To extend the site with new functionality as market needs evolve both locally and globally

Todays’ marketers must have the capability to react quickly to customer and external factors without the reliance of IT support. The launch of EpiServer 7.5 CMS provides marketers with the opportunity to implement a 70:20:10 marketing strategy (70% planned, 20% responsive and 10% programmatic) and react in real time to market demands.

At Engage we are very passionate about our relationship with Episerver and the work we have delivered to our clients which include Irish Grey Hound Board, Law Society of Ireland, Group Leader, Accountancy Ireland and projects which are currently in development for clients such as the Travel Department.

Our commitment in Episerver has been enforced via the ongoing training of our Episerver certified development team and by awarded Episerver solutions partner of the year 2012.

If you have any Episerver 7.5 questions or would like a demo please contact our Episerver specialist today.