After almost six months of hard work, we're pleased to say the new website has gone live - and well in time for Christmas too!

We're used to working with ambitious organisations with big ideas when it comes to digital transformation; ideas that we’re only too eager to bring to life. And although we have completed a number of ecommerce projects in the past, when we started working with retail giant, we knew this would be a different kind of project; not just due to its sheer scale, but also the technology used and skill and expertise required to pull it off.

Despite an aggressive timeline (needing to be delivered well in advance of Black Friday), the new went live at the end of October; giving their 100,000s of customers the omnichannel online buying experience they deserve.

Project background

We began working with Easons in May 2017, with a view to build a new website and online experience for their customers. Their previous website was getting older by the day with systems that were not properly integrated, making it almost impossible to maintain and even harder to market effectively.

The technology

After a bit of research, Easons were drawn to Episerver’s suite of products and its ability to integrate effortlessly with other technology such as Avensia Storefront, Google products and Microsoft Dynamics AX – used by their brick and mortar shops.

When it came to Episerver, we empowered them fully with the entire suite of products. We knew this would give them the omnichannel experience that they wanted to deliver to their customers.

We implemented Episerver CMS and Commerce, Episerver Find for search and autocomplete, Episerver Perform for recommendations and Episerver Campaign for email marketing and transactional emails.

The challenges

As one of the largest and most demanding projects we’ve worked on there were of course, some challenges. The timeline was aggressive as mentioned, with initial work beginning in May and a completion date of October.

There were over 600,000 products needed to be imported from AX and synched through to Find and Perform.

The migration from the old website to the new was close to overwhelming – over 600,000 products needed to be redirected and over 120,000 customers migrated. To help overcome this, our digital marketing team provided detailed SEO training to Easons, providing them with guidelines and a plan for migration.

And being a household name in Ireland, there was pressure for to perform for customers in a way that exceeded expectation; being fast and intuitive. We wanted to build an online experience that the client loved, that customers embraced and that we were proud of. 

The results

The new website went live at the very end of October 2017 and although it’s very early days, we’re delighted with this project. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience, pushing our team’s technical skills and accelerating our experience and knowledge of the various platforms.

The collaborative approach with the client made the process easier and more enjoyable. With constant communication, we knew their needs and expectations at every point, as a result, we have empowered them with a solid commerce platform. This enables us to begin launching an omnichannel digital marketing strategy in 2018.


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