Exploring possibilities in our first hackathon

Recently, we decided the time was right to create opportunities for our technology, design and strategy teams to come together for a collaborative hands-on experience that would enable them to flex their creativity!

The Made to Engage Hackathon is a format for cross-disciplinary collaboration and exploration of new concepts within the tech sector. Around 50 of our best digital brains took part in our first hackathon and our teams worked together to prototype innovative products that have the capacity to get great results for us and our clients.

Teams formed based on shared interest in a topic or technology platform. Three Made to Engage mentors provided guidance in fostering innovation and ensuring each team would be able to present a working prototype by the end of the day.

With keyboards ignited, ideas rapidly started to take shape!

Below, Made to Engage's Head of Creative Scott Rutherford, COO Colleen Bradley and Solutions Architect Brendan Sheehy share their thoughts on the event. 

Connect, collaborate and create. 

"People from different sides of the business teamed up, allowing us to rapidly ideate and prototype some really innovative solutions across retail, tourism and education. The atmosphere was energised but composed. One of our biggest achievements was to show that everyone can be creative if the right conditions are set."

Scott Rutherford, Head Of Creative 

An intense day of innovation. 

"We strongly believe in the value of getting diverse talents together to innovate and design new products for our clients. It was brilliant the way our developers, designers and strategists worked together to bring equally valuable contributions to the development of ideas and solutions. I was blown away by what they were able to do!" 

Colleen Bradley, Chief Operating Officer

Shaping the future.

"The prototypes and ideas have set a high bar for the future of hackathons at Made to Engage. Even though the afternoon is over, it hasn't stopped being beneficial for our team and our clients. We've continued to work on projects that will have a positive business impact with the help of our cross-discipline teams - and we've already started planning our next hackathon!"

Brendan Sheehy, Solutions Architect 

The Anatomy Of The Made to Engage Hackathon

Discover the results of our first hackathon in our infographic below. 

The hackathon is part of Made to Engage's strong culture of unlocking innovation through collaboration. To find out more, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.